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Go ahead. Have fun.

Caption this. C'mon.  Ya know ya want to.



A wartime photograph of a young Marcel Marceau getting his inspiration to be a mime.
My word.  I am not even certain of what your character is standing in front of.  But we can give this a go.

Early stealth technology caught on camera.  The ZebraJagdFlieger prepares for takeoff.
The prototype model of the Dazzle Paint Swimsuit, for fashion-conscious, overboard sailors?
The KKK's first attempt at an "urban camouflage" robe was a failure.
The Pillsbury Doughboy after being out on the town with a group of returning Marines.
Marvel's first attempt at a superhero, "Chain Gang Man", didn't come off quite as planned. Apparently the artist involved was also working on the hero's sidekick, "Moonshine Boy" , and, well... you can see what this inevitably led to.

In a moment of existential uncertainty, Jethro impulsively decided to join both the Klan and the Nation of Islam...
..and in one of the lesser known decisive actions of the war, the Maginot Line was breached in only one location, by an ingenious attack spearheaded by a pantomime zebra.
 A "Nine-Mile Sniper" demonstrates the 'Golly Suit'. Some modifications may be necessary.

Can you see me now?
That'll teach him a lesson.  This is the last time Gumby accuses Pukey of being a burro.