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Colombianization of Afghanistan

After close to a decade of intensive build-up, and successfully checking both The FARC and ELN (Narco-Hippos not withstanding), The Colombian Army is sending a contingent of Special Forces to join the fight in Afghanistan.

I’ve always been impressed by the professionalism of the Colombian Armed Forces. Even when hard pressed in the worst of times by Communist Guerrillas on one side, Right Wing “Self Defense” Forces on another, and Narco-Criminals spreading havoc everywhere in between, their Armed Forces have bent over backwards in protecting the civil rights of their citizens. Never in the darkest periods of their history, have they contemplated in throwing a Military Coup. Instead, they have always worked in defense of their citizens and their civilian democracy.

In the past decade, they have turned the country around. By no means, are Colombia’s problems resolved. But they have truly come a looong way since those dark days when I started frequenting their country.

I thought I’d never hear this dictum:
The More Afghanistan can look like Colombia, The Better.


Bravo! Great post.
You know. Boq, I've never looked at Columbia's Army that way. I knew about their severe problems with the drug lords, but always assumed their armed forces were similar to most South American forces: not very professional and occasionally brutal.

It's nice to know there are some dedicated and patriotic pros down south.

I am _liking_ that weapon!
Having watched the video, Colombian SF troops _rock_!

General Freddy?  Well, OK, what works for them works for me!