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And, Speaking Of Birthdays...

She's back!

She's tanned!

She's rested!

She's too busy chasing Marines and Sailors ladylike to answer snarky e-mails from her guttersnipe friends!

Happy Birthday, Fuzzybear Lioness!


Here I was, feeling all loved and appreciated... until I saw which posts you'd linked.  :P


Actually, I should be kinder... you're obviously due for some leave time!  ;)
Hey, I coulda linked "She's rested!" with something completely inappropriate, yanno.

'Cept you don't *do* any of those.

Other than in those e-mails, anyway...

 Well!  A most happy birthday FBL!

  Here's something for you :)
And here's *another* present.

Apologies for the inordinate number of sailors and Marines in it...
Happy Birthday, FbL
Happy Birthday FbL!  Hope you ahve a wonderful day.
Happy Birthday, FbL!
Happy Birthday, my girl!  Hope it's wonderful!
Happy Birthday, FbL :-)  Have a grand day!
 Happy birthday! May you have a wonderful time, and may the Angels keep you safe in all that you do!
Happy Birthday're still a teenager in my heart. As I'm still a teenager in my head.
It's been said that living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun.  If so, may your life be VERY expensive KIMBA.
Heh.  Got so busy I almost forgot I hadn't added my "Happy Natal Celebration Day" Fuzzybee!
So, I said it twice by way of penance!
Happy Birthday, FBL!!
Happy Birthday FbL.

You're young enough to have been a child of mine. Meaning, of course, that you are younger than the children my High School friends had after they graduated from High School. I waited until I was almost 30 before having children. It was wierd enough having friends who were grandmothers by our 20th High School reunion.
Happy Birthday, Fuzzy!  Here's a nice peacock fan, suitable for ladylike flirting  (for Marines you will probably want this one, though ..)
A very happy birthday celebration to a very classy lady.
I bet you could make some beautiful music on THIS.

And I can't wait to dig into this CAKE!  (wonder if the SEAL has any buddies, eh?)
Many Happies, FuzzButt! Can't send link-prezzies, as I'm stuck at work... but I'll buy you a nice steak sometime! 8^)
Happy Birthday, FbL, may they get better every year!
Many happy more, FbL!
Just in case Fuzzy gets on a ship, or that plane trip, that isn't cat friendly.(

gollum, we think natal presents can be functional too. ;) 
Thank you all for the lovely birthday!  Defnitely, the biggest and best party was here.  :)