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A Poem In Simplicity

I'm looking forward to the time in which my health care assumes this structure.  HERE's the link to this poem in simplicity.



Jeeez!!  I'm eligable for TriCare next year.  Is that what I'll have to deal with?
It gets worse.

The TriCare wiring diagram is a 12-page booklet, with none of the diagrams contiguous.

And all the blocks are labeled in 4.5-point Arial Narrow.
But it's single-payer!  LOL
Olde military veteran geezers can recall that when they signed up, one of the recruiter's promises was:


No weasel words about "subject to availability; co-payments; deductibles, benefits being taxable income, etc.  FREE meant "FREE."

Guess what?  Congress has broken their promise over and over again to veterans about "free health care for retirees and their families" and they are about to do so again.

The rest of the population is about to find out that the promised availability, and costs, and taxes to pay for it WILL NOT BE what they tell us now.  Government health care experience offers the examples of the Veterans Administration, and the Indian Health Service. 

Feel FREE to tell your Congresscritter that we can NOT AFFORD any sort of government health care program.

They have mismanaged social security, medicare, the Post Office and AMTRACK into unfunded liabilities running on funny money IOUs.  The various bailouts and stimulus bills will be coming due and infaltion will reach double digits in the near future when the Chinese refuse to risk investing in our economy any more. 

Say, "How's that hope and change working for you?"

"Free Medicare?"

Just as a warning to those not yet turned 65 and forced to enroll in Medicare:

Medicare is NOT a "free" program.  Those signed up in it are charged $385.60 for three months coverage.  At least that is today's rate.

Just wait until it's "FREE!"

I believe "MedicAID" is the freebie program for "the poor."

This is your colon...

This is your colon on the national health care plan...

...or something like that.