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The King Is Dead

Um, so what?  If we're going to sob over the passing of figures from the entertainment world, I feel a greater sense of loss at the passing of Ed McMahon and Farah Fawcett.  Ed was a former Marine, and lived a long life, even if he never did give me all that money he kept promising in those letters.  And Ms. Fawcett - she at least fought her illness, and hard, and didn't facilitate it.  Woulda been nice if she and O'Neal had actually done that bedside marriage thing, there at the end.

This comment was left on yesterday's H&I: "...New details about Michael Jackson's Death Emerge. I was wondering if you were going to blog about this... "

No, I wasn't.  If I was going to promote something, it would be more along the lines of the website that Rachel left a comment regarding- Honoring Heroes.

My feelings regarding yesterday's displacement coverage of more substantive news is mirrored by Boquisucio's observation in email:

"Did the world stop spinning?  What happened here? A neurotic, self-centered pederast with a Peter Pan complex all of a sudden bellies-up in a self-induced overdose, and all of a sudden nothing else happens in this world of ours?"

And my reaction to the death is summed up very well by Murray:

"Watch closely while I don't care at all."

Indeed.  I admit, I liked the Thriller album.  "The making of Thriller" was the first laserdisc I bought, before I learned to not be an early adopter regarding technology.  I'm rather miffed I had to forgo "The Mentalist" last night as it was pre-empted by an insta-bio of a recently deceased neurotic, self-centered pederast with a Peter Pan complex who once upon a time could really dance and sing.

Heh.  Far more useful would have been a documentary on the dysfunction of the family that pushed its children the way the Jackson children were pushed, and the adult leeches of the entertainment industry who facilitated it.   But that would be like asking the American Association of Plastic Surgeons to produce a documentary on all that could go wrong with cosmetic plastic surgery.  Ain't gonna happen.

[Dons patented DemUnderground tinfoil hat]

I wonder how Rahm Emanuel managed it?  I mean, clearly the death was not accidental, and was in fact caused by Dem operatives controlled by the White House in order to distract the people and the media from looking closely at things like the Waxman-Markey bill, Health Care Reform, Iranian unrest and those wacky Norks.  I mean, really - who had anything to gain?  Well, other than Governor Sanford, who got punted off center stage pretty quick, too.

[Removes patented DemUnderground tinfoil hat]


Well, it was shocking because it was unexpected, but unfortunately, we are going to see people with absolute hysteria and 'where were you when he died?' moments.  The world has a habit of moving on, and pardon me if I don't join in the weeping and wailing.  I am rather private about such things; must be that streak of Brit in me...


Yes...that broke last night while we were eating dinner and I immediately pulled out a dvd of Jane Austen's "Persuasion"...
I got stacks of movies.....I can last for weeks, I tell ya...

Plus, my kindle arrived....
...And whilst the masses were strictly focused in what crevice that man-child stuck that other glove of his, the nefariouis duo of Waxman and Markey whalloped our country out of its future.

I wonder whether it was done on purpose.

There was lots of baseball on DirecTV last night! 
I think the batteries in my tinfoil hat are dying, I swear I can hear Elvis pounding the crap out of Michael.
We all know that Herr Reichsfuhrer Rove is still pulling the strings.  After successfully stealing 2 elections, he just "allowed" Obama and the Dems to win one to make it look like they were now in control.

This way, the people don't know they're just gettng suckered again.

</DU tinfoil hat off>
One thing that totally torqued me was all the breast beating about what was 'best for the children' and then 'are they really his?'  and 'whoever gets the kids will get the money.'  They haven't even found a will!  Just plain sick. 


RIP Billy Mays