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The new baby is home.


Niiiiiiiiice!  Gonna do any gunmounting? A 1919A4 w/pedastal mount would go real good on that.  An M2 might be better, but don't recall seeing one of those in the vault.
Don't have an M2, you're correct, Rick.

Yes, the intent is to mount a M1919A1.  Still dithering between the M25 or M31C pedestals.
Kewl - gotta plan another visit :-)  Not close enough this week, though.
Ah.  A1.  Forgot about that one.  Neat.  Maybe a Thompson or Garand in the "side-saddle" scabbard.  To finish things off?
Purdy - What's gonna be her name?  She hasta havva name.
ooooohhhh... Dusty 'n' Bill are gonna be pissed, less'en you change that unit!
Brings back memories of driving our M38's, a great little vehicle that could go most anywhere, the only problem was you couldn't carry much and ours were getting old, the canvas did not fit well and sitting on a hill at night in -20 on radio watch with the wind howling through the cracks sucked! Our infantry carried the 106RR on theirs and our light armour guys used them for recce with the windshield off and a pintle mounted GPMG on the passenger side.
Neffi -- I got nothin' against the American Automobile Association.

Except for the time my starter went kerflooey at Ft. Monmouth and they dispatched the Guanche-as-a-first-language-speaker, who proceeded to blow up my battery attempting to jump-start a starterless Jeep...
Whatcha should do after you get the vehicle up to par is...

Get yerself a driver dressed out in appropriate period gear. Dress yerself up as Patton. Then tool around the nearest ville and do a discipline and morale inspection.

Everybody better be wearing ties and have shiny boots on.
M-38A1 post-dates Patton, but someone could probably find a skinny gent with a corn-cob pipe and period gear to look the part of MacArthur.  (the model was used in Korea, but developed too late for the period Patton was still alive in...)

Yeah, I researched up on it after I embarassed myself in the "Whatsis" thread.  The M38A1 was Korean War era, post WWII, so a 'period' practical joke/re-enactment would be Korean theater, fifty one or thereabouts...which means (if Army) MacArthur, or you could (I suspect a bit more easily) do it up in USMC and play Chesty Puller.  (or just leave it in Army colours-Marines 'take' what they need when they need it, regardless of which service actually had it on the budget....)
I've always wanted one of those
 What is being planned for as a tow vehicle?

ME WANT!!!!  We love Jeeps and I have been coveting an old Army one with canvas.  Where can we find one in fairly decent shape?
 JM- the jeep runs like a dream.  We towed it home with our F150 because John didn't want to drive it on the highway.

Cricket, we don't have canvas for this one, I think John will look into getting canvas at some point.  
It's quite a nice Jeep.
John intends to get a canvas top and bows quickly, along with some new seals for the tool box, glove box and other locations.  There are a couple of worn wires that need taping-while-waiting-for-replacements, and she needs a new muffler.

There's some clean-up of small rust spots and spot-painting to be done,  Nothing major, just the sort of stuff that crops up over time in vehicles like this. 

Then there's proper markings to consider, getting the data plates and pioneer tools (shovel and axe), and some miscellaneous straps. 

Then emphasis shifts to a pintle and cradle.
So...where can we start looking for one?  We have one Cherokee, but it needs a friend.
Several places - ours was pure fortune.  A friend of mine was watching estate sales and saw "military jeep" went to the sale, saw the jeep, called SWWBO and said, "John wants to look at this!" SWWBO said, "Oh, just go get it." and the rest is history.  Though I did go look at it and didn't just buy it immediately.  It took, oh a good hour of dithering on my part to steel up the courage.

Anyway -

Olive Drab


Ebay Motors.

For just a start.  If you're looking for a military jeep, I'd consider hunting up the closest MVPA chapter.  They're probably going to have a good idea of what's there in the region.
I put the MVPA in our location bar.  I have to give the Eldest Lad (he is 17 now; no longer a CLU) some eye candy.  I have also been looking at ebay...