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Ruffles and Flourishes

Since none of you probably got any sleep waiting for the AAR on the Nuptials of AFSis and Keith, your patience will now be rewarded! This just in from La Princessa de la Moata, or, as she is more formally-known, the Castle's Resident Sailor Doxie.

It seems she's been expanding her MilBlog intel circle to include TankerBabe, who just *happened* to infiltrate the wedding party in her clever disguise as Minionette to the Bride.

[Warning: Numerous Unseemly Displays of Feminine Ankles!]

I'm still wondering how TB found time to take all those pix while she was hitting on that O-6 working the nail salon at WalMart...

Yes, the festivities involved dancing, but no photos of either WereKitty or TankerBabe on the pole have surfaced as yet, and we're still waiting for the AAR on the honeymoon.

However, we *do* know that a Jeep was involved, as were the MPs.

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Instant Intel from Maggie


Congratulations to the happy couple!

   Yes indeed. Many happy thoughts for the newly-weds. !
honeymoon photos will be on the internet pay site at a later date.....
Good thing I put that keyboard logger on your machine, Top.  I already got 'em.

What am I bid?
When AFSis checks in, it's gonna be more like "How fast can I run?"

Ummmmmm -- *not* referring to John. We already know the answer to that....
I don't know...alota hash marks on that cradle robbing still acceptable under Article 15...MSG may want to rethink the pay site decision and let friends be aware he's holding up his to speak.

Well congratulations to both of you...especially the MSG.
Congratulations to a happy couple!  May Lord bless their union with happiness and Love
Congratulations!  May this be the beginning of many more happy days to come.  :)
Congratulations again Dbie and Keith Johnson.  Nice photos through the link.

I think my comment there was deleted.  Must have been too ribald.
Congrats to the bride and groom! 
I have MANY unpublished photos for "sale".  Donations made to certain troop support organizations will assure publication of them.  LOL!

It was a PERFECT weekend!  A PERFECT wedding!  A grand time for sure!

And I DID NOT hit on the 0-6.  He approached me FIRST!  Must have been the fumes from the nail salon.
Great photos!  Congratulations to the happy couple!
We had a blast all weekend long, and we're having a great time on our honeymoon.

So.... John..... exactly which pay site are we talkin' about here?