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Meanwhile, in the Good News segment of today's blogtification...

To those of you who were wondering about the conspicuous -- and seemingly unexplained -- absence of Dbie the AFSister (and you three know who you are) from both the H&I section and the comment parties -- fear not!

She's been a tad busy this past month or so, and without being utterly blatant about it, I'd just like to state that, should you address WereKitty as "Miss Kitty" after this afternoon, you will have committed a faux pas.

I have been reliably informed that, although she and Keith *both* tried to work out a streaming vid of the ceremony itself, they also requested a nuptial suite without 'Net, so they may remain suitably undisturbed.

Not to say the neighbors *won't* be.


*No* film at eleven.


Sigh - The Brass Pole will hencefourth sit unused at theCastle's Great Hall Parties.
Oh, I dunno 'bout that, Boq.  She's been in a "look, don't touch" mode for some time and you haven't noticed.

She'll just have a better PR flack now.  One she *pwns*.
Aw...congratulations.  Best wishes for a happy life together.  BillT is gonna have to take over the pole dances; he inherits the Thong.  Or does he catch it?

*running away*