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There's a special place in Hell.  At least one hopes so.
June 24, 2009

FBI - Media Representative,
Bridget Patton (816) 512-8833


The Kansas City Division is issuing information regarding a new scam involving the victimization of families of deployed U.S Military personnel through social networking sites. Significant personal data is available through these sites which users join by city, workplace, school and region to connect and interact with other people. The scam involves individuals using these social networking sites to contact relatives of deployed U.S. military personnel, most specifically grandparents. The impostor advises the grandparents that he is returning home on leave from Iraq and asks the grandparents to keep his presence secret so he can surprise his parents. A short time later, the grandparents are again contacted and the impostor advises them that he and a friend are stranded with a broken down car. He then asks the grandparents to wire a significant amount of money to cover the cost of the repairs.

As always, caution is advised regarding the posting and protection of personal information on public websites. It is recommended that family members of U.S. Military visit social networking sites in which they have accounts to ensure that no exploitable information is available. Additionally, it is recommended that all relatives should verify the identity of anyone who contacts them by asking specific questions known only to that person if you must wire funds or develop a code word or phrase to verify identity.


People who prey upon society, especially upon the elderly, deserve no pity when they are captured, tried, convicted, and hopefully sentenced to be hung, drawn, and deliciously medieval.  Oh, I forgot about the esmaculation part of the process.
Parasites are amongst the first to exploit new technology.  We need to be vigilant in all ways.

As for emasculation,
[Latin masculre, mascult- : -, ex-, ex- + masculus, male, diminutive of ms, male, man.]
You cannot truely remove the 'manhood' from those who are not men.
Kirk, I have one better for you.

Those of us in the military take care of our families. You hurt one of us, we hurt one of you. Catch those responsible, and drop them off with a Brigade Combat Team that has just returned from overseas, and tell that BCT what these outstanding members of society have done to deserve the audience with our warriors prior to their being reunited with thhier loved ones.

I can guarantee you that they won't make the same mistake again.
As long as it's the product of due process.  No vigilantism!  [/lawsuit/lefty pundit inoculation]
I had heard about another version of that where they actually call the relatives, say they are from <branch of service>, and their soldier was wounded, but is fine, we've moved them to a local hospital, can you come now?

As the family races out to the hosipital, the jerks burglarize the home.

Sick sick people.
Sounds their is somebody around here with a "ticket punch" and itching to use it. To me, that's more like everybody around here.

Emasculation issue:  Isn't that the purpose of a hammer and nail set?

John is right, as long as it's the product of *do process*. Ahh dammit, that's *DUE PROCESS*! I wonder what would he be doing on the other side and the Castle was cleaned out of everything. He's already answered the question, "No Vigilantism!" As the good leader that he is, he would be an example first.

Yeah, right, he's also a human being, the secret to his wisdom is he keeps words and actions separate. I figure, even if everything is true, he would get angry, but it would be controlled or disciplined anger.  But everything in due process and time.

As always,  Grumpy
"special  section of hell"  If I recall my geography, the road to hell passes through Fiddlers' Green.  By the time the occupants thereof are finished with them, I would imagine the perpetrators would look forward to completing their journey.
"There is nothing new under the sun."

During my war, Lefty scuzzbuckets claiming to be Casualty Assistance personnel would telephone families and tell them that their GI had been wounded and medevaced stateside, then tell them to meet them at the nearest military hospital -- in the Northeast, they'd usually send them to Walson AH at Ft. Dix -- at a specific time. After the families left, they'd burglarize the house.

They'd also read the obits to find out when a military funeral would be taking place, then hit the house during the funeral. Oddly enough, a break-in during a *non*-military funeral was so rare an occurrence that it made the papers when it happened.

Which is why I referred to them as *Lefty* scuzzbuckets. They preyed solely on *military* families, so there was an ideological element to it.
Nav8, I just want to say "Thank you", for your insights on geography. I do believe you're right on target. Just the thought of the passage through "Fiddlers Green" is just right. the old saying is so true, "Paybacks are a real ______________!"

As always,