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Chance encounter

There I was, in a local retail emporium, doing my bit to support the stimulus.

When I noticed a little girl, three, mebbe four years old, giving me the gimlet eye.

I go about my business, but there she is again.

Giving me the eye.

I give myself a quick once-over - nope, zipper's up, no mustard dripping down the front of the shirt.

I look over at her again, and make eye contact.

She giggles and runs away.

There was a time when that would have been an ego-crusher.  Not so much any more.

I go back about my browsing, and catch a glimpse of myself in the sliding glass door of a retail display case.

I look back at the munchkin, who has returned.

Who goes all cute and giggly.

I look her straight in the eye. bend over just a touch and say, very softly, "Ho ho ho."

Her eyes go wide.

Heh.  Okay. I'm fat and my beard has a lot more grey than anything else. 

But I still have some juice with the young crowd who still believe.

Could be worse.  They could run away screaming. 


That's the teenagers.


Well done, you jolly old elf!!!
So it's TRUE! I knew it, I tell ya! I knew it.

She will probably get a spanking now, from her mom, for telling lies about seeing Santa. Though I admit, it is fun to see their eye light up.
Good show!
That's awesome...... but the REAL Santa has more white than salt-n-pepper hair.  I need to have a talk with the munchkin.
If the armorer is in fact Santa, I'm waiting for Christmas to see what he brings down the chimney from the castle arms room.
I suspect that he'd look kinda like THIS (but without the cancer sticks).
oooh, so sweet :o)
Heh.  JW, in your case, it would be a video on "Where the Turkeys Are" and a GPS with waypoints pre-loaded.

Wouldn't need to bring any ammo or anything...

;^ )
The idea of a Santa who is not only the King of the North Pole, but also the King of Battle is almost enough to get me believing again!
Damian, if you check out Samurai Cat in the Real World, you will find that Santa is not someone you want to mess with.  (and one of his elves is named Schwarzenegger ...)
I just KNEW that was where this story was going.  My idea of Santa is someone like you.   That sachrine guy never appealed to me.  A Santa carrying that is good. 
Hey Boquisucio,
Wasn't the Anglosphere fighting against the Turks back when Santa was carrying an '03.
Seems like a strange advert.
I bet that Gen from way back when you were a LT showing off a new piece of 'idiot proof equipment' could've predicted this, BB.  (who keeps filling in the foxholes?)
That's a great point, SezaGeoff.  There wasn't much love between the Ottoman Turks and the Brits at the time.  My guess is that they were using "Turkish Type" Tobbaqueee i.e. Blond Leaf Tobbacco.  If so, Maryland still grows the finest Blondes around.

Just guessing...

That's a bit of mischievous Santa magic right there.
I've always known you were a jolly ole' feller even though you're armed to the hilt.  ;)
Well you do know if I've been naughty.......
Well you do know if I've been naughty.......

Let's edit that statement.

"Well you do know I've been naughty....... "

State of nature, woman.
I note that my 4 and half daughter is an excellent judge of charactor, she quickly senses who is good and who is not or indifferent. Having a young one fascinated by yourself, is a sign that you are doing well.