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Caption Contest

Feeling snarky? How 'bout a Caption Contest; 'cause someone don't know squat.



Lessee... I can split the UP of Michigan off as its own state... that'll make 51. Hawaii is a bunch of islands, and they'll all vote Democrat. Maybe I'll just split off Oahu... that'll make 52. Much as I'd like to carve up Texas, I can't afford to make any more red states....
Where the hell is Honduras, and can Rahm get there, turn it over to my buddy Chavez and get back again by tomorrow?
See this little spot here?  No, further right.... THERE.  That's where I was born!

(And no, I'm NOT a Birther nut, but just couldn't resist)
"Many more than 57 states here; look at them all. Must be hundreds!"
 "Rahm, where's the 'you are here' sticker? I asked Sherrif Joe, but he don't know."
Wow...... I didnt know there were places outside of Illinois...... This blows my mind!
American Eagle on the Carpet: "Oh Gawd - My eyes! Make it go away!"
American Eagle on the Carpet: "I see Russia, I see France, I see O's..."
Tajikistan... no, Kyrgyzstan... or was it Kazakhstan... where was that damn airbase again???

Painting the map "red" ...... Marxist red.
hmmm...the bathroom looks different lately...ah well, this looks like as good a place as any.
 "Let's see, what can I screw up next?  Damn, so many places, so little time."
 "How much of this belongs to me?"
 Got 60 in the Senate today. Soon, very soon this will all be mine!
So that's where Iraq is!
Marine6, you stole my thunder!  :P

I was going to post: "So that's where Europe is!"

Comon Sasha.  You can come out from under my desk now.  But don't forget to yell like Porky when you pop out of that map: "******"
DAMN.... She was right; you CAN see Russia from Alaska.


 Where's the other 7?  Which MORON created this thing?  Get me a new one!
Mine... all mine!
 "I have to give him an IPOD for this? Note to myself : Make sure it's only a Nano."
Chavez is wwaayy to far away, lessee--hmmm--GOT IT!!  Give him a desk next to Franken!!
Sotomayer nomination? Check.
Global warming bill? Check.
Franken installation? Check.
Flat Earth Society Presentation? Check.

"We are obviously just in time with Our climate bill. Look at this -- the Arctic ice is *gone*, the seas are covered with dust, and there's nothing left of the rain forests except begonias..."

"Aha! This *proves* the seas ceased to rise after I was elected!"

"This can't be right -- England is, like, an actual *country*?"
"Uuuugh...Uuuugh...I knew I should've eaten more fibre!!"
A-mare-eee-kar.  Whereizit again?
"look, I know I'm not real smart, but shouldn't this be on a wall?"

"Could you ask my daughter to come in? I am trying like hell to find where that Merkel lady lives."

I know Sarah knows where Russia is but I'll be darned if I can find it.
Map reading...a must have ability for all would-be tyrants.  Someone else, famous in history, enjoyed reading maps.

"A little piece of Poland, a little piece of France,
A little piece of Portugal, and Austria perchance.
A little slice of Turkey and all that that entails.
And then a piece of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales."


Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering..?

Oooh!  Shaun, I think we have a winner!
Eagle on the carpet: "Is that Florida, that I see dangling?  Oh never mind."
I'm torn between BOQ's "I see London" and Kirk.
Although you have to suffer the fool in the picture, you do get a decent view of the Resolute desk. At least we can take something from this image.  That, and what I believe is a bronze Remington sculpture in the background.
Yes it's a nice looking office.  One could call it unique.
"Wow.  A treasure map.  I need to get Ben Gates on this right away."
"Uh, so which one am I?"