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Swarming from Mexico...

A short film produced by the US Border Patrol about the challenges they face securing the border in Arizona.  H/t, Lamigra


Residing where I am now, in Northern Tijuana, I come accross very frequently with Border Patrol roving patrols.  You just can't swing a dead cat without hitting one in choke-points along the border.  There is an INDUSTRIAL PARK, in San Ysidro (litteraly 50-yards from the border), where the White and Greens are constantly roving up and down the roads.

Just last Monday, I saw a Border Patrol squad car stopping an SUV just South of Temécula on I-15.  Probably, no one of interest inside, but still, shows that the interdition efforts run all the way up to the northern reaches of the County.

Last year, as we crossed the AZ/Calif Border on I-8, I was taken aback by two Border Patrol Check-points, a few miles from each other.  Mind you- I-8 at this point is no more than a mile from the border.   I understand that they catch gobs of Illegals and Drugs that way.

Thanks LaMigra.
SImple solution.

Send AC-130 gunships, woth Rules of Engagment:
Any target seen crossing north from the border, other than at a legal entry point is deemed hostile and deadly force authorized up to 1 KM north of the border.

Next video, narrated in Spanish and English will show the action, much like the videos out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Post on Your Tube.

Illegal entries will drop by 90% all along the border within a week.

ROE #2-  Any ACLU lawyers protesting this will be dropped off 50 meters south of the border, 50 miles from the nearest legal crossing.  Engage at will if they try to cross illegally.  Shoot them again, preferably with silver bullets, just to be sure.

I appreciate the Border Patrol's efforts and I'm very glad to see them having such success with curtailing illegal crossings. I'm just worried that we may see a slacking of effort with the Obama administration.

I have to admit as much as his financial policies suck he does seem to becoming more realistic with a few of his decisions so maybe some things will escape be the train wreck I predicted would happen when he was elected. OK, I don't really believe that but I can hope can't I?