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Make a hole - aviators inbound!

A  fresh loss among Castle readers:


I'm not to good with word but If its not to much trouble I was hoping you help ferry 5 souls to Fiddler's Green and post a "moment of silence" Our squadron lost a bird with all hands, Tuesday, and the service is this weekend.

News Link...

The crew of Indian 617:

Pilot: LCDR. Eric J. Purvis
Co-Pilot: LT. Allison M. Oubre
Crew-Chief: Air-Crewman 1st Class Samuel "Grant" Kerslake
Sensor Operator: Air-Crewman 2nd Class Aaron L. Clingman
Rescue Swimmer: Air-Crewman 3rd Class Sean M. Ward



I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done any better, Slinky.

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam 


Farewell and Walk with God - prayers for unit, family and friends

My condolences to you, Slinky, and all your squadron mates and those who loved the people on that helicopter.  They have been on my mind all week... 

When we talk about Memorial Day being a time to express gratitude and recognize the sacrifice of those who died in service to our country, I think it matters not whether they fell in battle or training--all is in service to and protection of the country.  They will be missed by those who loved them, and by those of us who did not know them but were grateful for their presence on the line.
Freedom is not free.

Training deaths are just as final as combat losses.

We thank them all for their service, keeping us free.
I'd like to be more eloquent than Fuzzy, but I can't.  I think that she's spoken for us all.

Last month we walked down the beach at Imperial Beach, all the way to the Tijuana River Estuary.  During our walk all we could see were, Navy Helos going up and down the shore, and out to the Coronado Islands and then back up to North Island.  Little did I know then, that I was looking at what probably the same squadron in exercise.  They are all well remembered.
 Slinky, those on the helicopter and their family and friends are in my prayers. May God embrace them and keep their families in his grace also. I will raise a glass in their honor.
Prayers here at Chez Engineer. 

My prayers, condolences, and thanks to all of their families and friends, as well as to you, Slinky, and the squadron.  A horrible loss, indeed, as they all are.

Godspeed, Indian 617...
Like I said, I'm not to good with words, but your prayers are deeply appreciated,

Thank you all.
My thoughts and prayers with their families and loved ones.  May Lord give them His love and strength...
Prayers UP!

Rest in Peace, Indian 617.
Absent friends
Rest in Peace crew of Indian 617 and my condolences to you all who bear the pain of their loss.
farewell, fair winds and god speed!!
Allison was a local girl.  Crushing loss to all who knew her.

   Those who speak Navy will understand what my moniker means. I was an AW, the same rate, doing the same job, as the enlisted men we lost. These accidents always hurt, especially to those familiar with the job. I've done that job, and I can close my eyes and see them at their stations, doing what we all loved to do.

  Such a terrible loss.

   For those interested, Id offer this page: It's dedicated to all the AW's lost since the rate was introcuded into the fleet. Several there were my good friends, and all were our shipmates.

   God bless that crew, and all who serve.
No words can ever express the admiration and respect I feel toward Grant.  He is a sailor's sailor.  As all friends I have lost over the years, I wish I would have said more, done more, been more than I was to Grant.  It is especially at these times that I hope and pray that a fallen comrade can somehow know how much they really meant to so many.  See you soon, my friend.