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A whatziss for Og...

Here's a Whatziss of the Oggian School:
An Og-style Whatziss
In all honesty - we've had those before.  Anyone remember this one?
Remember this one?





I'm gonna recuse myself, of course, but you are a sick, sick man.

And I hope, someday soon, to be able to come live in your basement, spending my final days on earth oiling bores and waxing stocks.

Internal combustion engine, for sure, maybe a jeep?
Internal combustion engine, possibly out of a jeep.
Jeep engine.
Lemme make sure I understand you - you think the second thing is a jeep engine?
That is too big for a jeep engine, I am thinking that we are looking at a power plant for the M-113, and the second item is related to that same power plant.
M113's use Detroit Diesel V6's, Jon.  That engine looks very similar to a Chevrolet 4 from the early '40s.  It also looks like it is adapted to a boat.  That would make the second item some kind of heat exchanger.
If Og comes to live in your basement to live out the rest of his life, that would mean he is retired. Therefore you would have an Og(re) living downstairs!  Beats a troll, I suppose.
I think Jon is reacting to the paint color as much as anything else, Geoff.

That said - two pictures, two different items, both unrelated to each other except as an example of a Whatziss of the Oggian school - which is discussed in a different post downstream there... (hint, hint)
Count the sparking plugs: 3. Not a Jeep engine. Also has a serious tranny on the output end. Jeep trannys were not that shape and breadth. Probly some sort of small equipment engine, or from a two-bottom tractor of the 40's or so.

The other whatziss is NOT a marine heat exchanger: not enough water inlets/outlets. Maybe some sort of water-pressure regulating device, though.
And, if you look at Og's comment that led to this, and then rummage around at www.[vehiclename].de, there's a photo of the very same engine!
Man, that's a weird vehicle....

Rivrdog, I'm fairly certain that's a four, and the last plug is hidden behind that rectangular thingy.

But that's all I'm gonna say.
I suspect the first item is not a primary engine.  It also seems to have a rather squashed in space

The second item looks a lot like a pressure relief maybe for steam but I'm not sure why there are three.
I'm gonna take a blind guess here,but it looks like maybe a pressure-washer.
I can't get to it right now, but in my garage I've got a 10kw Hercules generator, with a broken crank. The navy apparently used them for backup power for AA guns, in case shipwide power failed. The original engine doesn't look like that, but the 'spare' I have over behind the shelving has a very similar head and valve cover arrangement, plus placement of the dipstick and oil filter. It's a funny manufacturer too, like 'Universal Engines' or something like that. But this one looks like it's got a different purpose, like a marine application.
LL injector lines rather than plug wires, doesn't ll a marine engine, minimog or early unimog engine?
Nope, I was wrong-now as to the second whazzit

Wheee!  This was mostly a joke, but you guys have fun with it!  Way to follow instructions, Eric!

Looks an awful lot like that horribly noisy 3-cyl Detroit Diesel-Allison diesel that used to power the old M561 GamaGoat..  The only reason I would know that is that thirty-odd years ago I was the primary driver on one of the damned things, and spent an inordinate amount of time head-down in the engine-compartment of CSC-3. 
Since I don't know the difference between a motor and an engine, I'll leave the first pic alone but I think the Maytag Repairman knows what it is.

The second item looks like a piece off a grape canister with the protrusions part of the locking device.
"Also has a serious tranny on the output end. Jeep trannys were not that shape and breadth."

That's a bellhousing, covers the clutch assembly and flywheel.
"Lemme make sure I understand you - you think the second thing is a jeep engine? "

No.  I thought you were asking if we remembered the second pic.
The second thing looks like something I saw a 'lady' playing with as part of the entertainment at a certain bar in Subic City once upon a time.
Pics or it didn't happen.
Jolo's Bar?
Heh.  I better put an answer up quick.