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A new whatzit!

Sent to me by Boquisucio, you're going to find this one a little different.  The object?  Figure out what is in the helmet.  No gimmicks today.  The helmet is both a size reference and a clue as to what time period and area to be considering.

So, what's in the helmet?


FINALLY!  A bucket of mils!  LOL
Clearly they're vials of relative bearing grease.
Looks like some kind of pins for the track or wheels of a vehicle.
Otay...I don't normally do these things because I hoover at them, but I venture a guess...and one end of the metal objects looks like a bolt.  Helmet looks like WWII vintage.  I am also guessing North Africa.
JW, my first thought, too.  Perhaps retention bolts for track end connectors.
 relative bearing grease...hehehehehe.
My guess is the helmet is late cold war era, and quite possibly soviet. Are they track pins? Maybe. I can't say I spent a lot of time looking at track pins not attached to M113s or M2s.
The hat the guy is wearing looks identical to the WWII Japanese field cap. The ""helmet" looks more like a liner than a steel pot, and the thingies are close to the grease containers in the butt hole of the stock of newly issued M-1's or none of the above.
He appears to be Russian troop, Afghanistan period, with a helmet full of...lipstick dispensers?
Well, Dad, you got the "None of the above" correct!
It appears that one end of the widget is a different material than the outer housing. The housing appears to plug into something v. being a standalone device. My guess is fuse
4 wild stabs:

Some sort of predecessor to the Gator Grip universal socket. (seems to have muiltiple pins on the non-bolt head end)
Head spacing gauge for god knows what.
Some sort of Fuze.
Retention bolts from the door of some enemy trophy-worthy vault or bunker.
Also, looks like a korean war helmet era helmet.
Also, looks like a korean war era helmet.
I think we need some help here.

The helmet is WWII Soviet, with battle damage.

The soldier holding the helmet is a later Soviet/ early Post-Soviet era Russian, despite the tinted WWII-looking color.  That's a Russian infantry field cap he's wearing (but it does, in the picture, look like a Japanese cap as noted by the Auld Soldier) . Note the camouflage t-shirt the guy is wearing.

These things are all related.
The look on the guy's face kinda says "only very brave men hold bucket full of this". So, it made me think it was demolition fuses of some sort.  Don't see how they could be that, though. Can't see a way to actuate em if they're fuses.

Another read on the guy's face may be "here, take your crap back, these things are everywhere and they're constantly chewing up the blades of my lawn mower". In that case, they may be bolts or some weird nut type gizmo, or a pin, or sommat...

No clue where to even start looking, but like a brain deaded OCD sufferer, I'ma lookin anyway.
they are Soviet Red Army identity capsules, Each capsule contains a slip of paper with the name of its bearer, like modern day dog tags.
I forgot to add that they are from WW2
This is a brain bucket full of area denial sub-munitions (toe poppers).
I did get the era right.

Yay for me.