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This cat needs a name

Name this cat!

Meet the newest member of the Interior Guard.  Having lost two to entropy in the last six months, and with the bulk of the remainder pushing into "elderly" status, we though it time to lower the average age of the Interior Guard.

He's going to be a longhair, and he's already a character.  When we first took him in, we were told he was a she, and felt no reason to check.  Since he behaves like a little ninja, and (we thought) he was a girl, his working name was "Kuno," short for "Kunoichi," which is what a female ninja is called.

That obviously isn't going to work.

I've been toying with Vandal, because he's destructive of the arts and infrastructure of modern society.  SWWBO's in danger of naming him Dinky because he was the runt of the litter and is a small fella.

He walks with a bit of a bowleg, like a Boxer.  Why?  He's got polydactyly, with seven toes on each of his front feet.  Waaaay back in the day, a long time ago and in a world far far away, the Armorer lived with a polydactyl feline named... Dingbat.  She was a good cat.

And, no, even though he's got the Hopey-Changey look down pat, we aren't going to name him Obama.

Oh, and heck, since we're at it - might as well give you a pic of the goat babies, too.

Oh - sorry, Og.


If you'l like to keep a Red Leg theme going how about "Powder Monkey"?  :-)
Hmmm.  I like that - but I'm thinking SWWBO might be resistant.  We'll see!
Wilford.... he looks like Wilford Brimley......  mebbe he can get you a discount on Bran muffins and incontinence medications...
We are governed by 4 cats, one of which is a poly female. Had another such several yrs ago before she went to the Sunshine Lands.

That cat sure does look like Wilford Brimley.
 The problem with naming him Wilford is that his nickname would be Willy, and we already have a Willy in the family - my faithful steed!
Well, if Kitty is a ninja, how about Sasuke (Sasu for short) after the ninja legend (and Ninja Warrior)?

My darling husband was once owned by a family of many-toed cats, the favorite of which was named Rackets.  I have a feeling he'll have a special attachment to the little guy should he ever get to meet him....
"we already have a Willy in the family - my faithful steed! "

I thought your steed/stallions name was.... "John"......
I love Sasu - good one, CTG!
We're cat ranchers, too.
Good lookin' young man ya got there. Ours are seniors, too, and are pleasantly fine with company and their live in staff.
I'd go for the esoteric name of the Empress' choice, and in private call him what I call all of ours 'Dammit' or "doofus" - as in, 'Dammit, stop that' or 'doofus, what are you up to now?'
What a beautiful cat!  I think all the name suggestions above are good.
I can't say why, but he reminds me of Lucian K. Truscott.
My vote is Ted or Teddy or T-Rex.  He looks like Theodore Roosevelt to me, who also swaggered and was bow legged.  Plus the name means "God's gift"
What a nice 'stach!

It's not a ninja name, but how about "Oni"-- demon? (well, kinda means monster or strange thing, not demon as in devil...)

Or maybe to go TMNT and name him Splinter?

Aw crud, I was going to suggest Obama! :-P   With 4 cats underfoot I also resort to "Damnit Cat!!" as the name of choice, but I think Sasu is the best choice here.

I love naming things, what power. But of the above, Teddy just lept out as appropriate! That mustache he has is a very notable feature!   

But if you are looking for othe rmen with mustaches, here's a quick list I found:

Clement Atlee, British Prime Minister
John R. Bolton, American diplomat
Charlie Chaplin Comic actor from silent movie era
Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister
John Cleese, Actor
Georges Clemenceau, French politician
Jim Croce, singer and songwriter
Salvador Dalí, artist, whose moustache was influenced by that of Diego Velázquez
Dennis DeYoung, Styx vocalist and keyboardist. Shaved off in mid-1982.
Thomas E. Dewey, politician
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of detective stories
Albert Einstein, scientist
Edward Elgar, composer
Sam Elliott, film and television actor
Wyatt Earp, 19th Century law officer
Gabriel Fauré, French classical composer
Rollie Fingers, baseball player
Ned Flanders, cartoon character from The Simpsons
Errol Flynn, actor, known for his Pencil moustache
Clark Gable, film star
Samuel Gompers, labor union leader
George Harrison, member of the Beatles, ca. from 1967 on
James Hetfield, Metallica vocalist and rhythm guitarist
Adolf Hitler, Dictator
Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler
Mervyn Hughes, Australian cricketer. A handlebar moustache is part of his trademark.
Saddam Hussein, Dictator
Jamie Hyneman, TV personality
Horatio Kitchener, British field marshal
Nobuyoshi Kuwano, Japanese TV personality and member of Japanese musical group Rats & Star
David Lloyd George, British prime minister
G. Gordon Liddy, radio talk-show host, and former Watergate figure
Martin Luther King, American black civil rights campaigner
Harold Macmillan, British prime minister
Mario, a famous video game fictional character owned by Nintendo. Moustache class is unknown.
Groucho Marx for many years wore a fake moustache of greasepaint on stage and film, then grew a real one later in life
Nick Mason, Pink Floyd drummer. He shaved it off in 1975.
Guy de Maupassant, writer
Gerald McRaney, TV actor
Adolphe Menjou, actor
Freddie Mercury, lead singer of famous British rock group Queen. Had moustache from 1980 to 1987
Friedrich Nietzsche, famous for his Walrus moustache
John Oates, musician
Józef Piłsudski Dictator
Hercule Poirot, a character in books written by Agatha Christie.
Geraldo Rivera, TV journalist
Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Habsburg throne.
Theodore Roosevelt, American president
Eugen Sandow, bodybuilder
Tom Selleck, TV actor
Joseph Stalin, Dictator
Masayuki Suzuki, Japanese singer (lead singer of Rats & Star)
William Howard Taft, U.S. President and Chief Justice of the United States
Masashi Tashiro, former Japanese TV personality and member of Rats & Star
Danny Trejo, Actor
Mark Twain, Author
Veerappan, an Indian bandit
Lech Wałęsa, founder of Solidarity, Nobel Peace Prize winner, President of Poland
John Waters film director
Wilhelm II of Germany, Emperor of Germany
Frank Zappa, Rock star
Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary
"Weird Al" Yankovic, musician known for his parodies of popular music. He had it shaved off in 1998.
Kevin - I seem to remember that one's #82. 
How about Slartibartfast?  He looks like the Magrathean who enjoys designing fiords.
How about samurai?
He looks like he's wearing a tuxedo.  How about Fred -- for Fred Astaire? 
I don't what it is, but the name seems to fit. I had a girl friend, I called her, "Trouble" and she called me, "Grumpy". One day, in a gathering back in the early 70's, we were both in our mid-20's. While we were there, we met this really auld phart, old as dirt, no more than his late 50's. Now, loud enough for everybody to hear, "Are you getting into "Trouble"? Now, you want to talk about a "pregnant pause", this was the epitome. I did not say a word. I'm look at this man dead square in the eye. I could see "Trouble" walking over to us, rather quickly. She walks up and whispers to me, "Don't just sit there, say something! I get a real light head slap, unless you have a real short haircut, you don't even feel it.

When I look at that cat, in the good sense, I see "Trouble" and trouble, mischief brewing.
With those gorgeous white whiskers and his turn-of-the century formal attire I would go for Mark Twain and call him Sam ( or when he winds up underfoot while you carry the Thanksgiving turkey to the table- Damm Sam).
You could always go along with the climage change hysteria and call him Icecap, since his ice seems to be melting down his chin and chest.  Then you could name the goatlings Cap and Trade...
What names did the kids end up with?
I like Dingbat.

What immediately struck me was his resemblance to the illustrations I've seen for H. Beam Piper's Fuzzies. So -if you still want something ninja/asia related- how about Koko?

Bőrg - I don't know why, but his general aspect, reminds me of Bőrg The Swedish Chef.  Maybe its his moustache and whiskers.
Cap and Trade... *that* would have been good!
My first thought (having just come from Ace of Spades) was Bolton, but Teddy/TR or Sam, for Sam Clemens and Sam Elliott, would work too.  But so would Elliott, now that I think of it, for Sam Elliott and Elliott Ness.  Poirot would work only if his patches were perfectly symmetrical.
What a handsome lad! :)
 We can still name the goats Cap and Trade, but I'll probably call the doeling, Maggie, as I have been calling her.

Never came up with a name for the wee buckling.
ohhh, he reminds me of my first cat, Markiz... same markings and whiskers and long hair... sigh...
I would say he looks like Salvador Dali to me :o)
Well, I'm not up on ninja legends, but if he's a hell-raiser and you want to keep the whole Japanese thing you could call him Izy, short for Izanagi; or if you want to play up the cwazy destructive angle you could call him Hachi( short for the mercurial god of war, Hachiman). 
Ascot...because he's wearing one. Then can call him Dicki.
I would call him Edward.    of Edward Teller fame.   He was certainly fiesty enough.
Spats....   cuz when ya already got a white tie and tails, Spats is all else ya needs!
My first thought was Sven as a play on words for the seven toes, but then I looked it up in Wikipedia.  Here are the key porints that convice me the name is right:

The name itself is Old Norse for "Young man" or "Young warrior."
The female equivalent "Svenja"  (kinda sounds like ninja)
In medieval Swedish "sven" (or "sven av vapen" (sven of arms) is a term for squire.  (he looks like a squire.)

Here is the original link: 

Plus I think it would be fun to say Sven.  Sven. Sven. hehehehehe  Sven.
How about Tux? 
Jess says he looks like a Rex. 
Rikkochet is correct... that is #82.  ;-)

I love the 'stache on that baby.. !  I vote for Teddy, in honor of the 'stache and the legacy.
He's pretty fuzzy...and he's black and white...maybe something cop-related?  Or maybe just call him Fuzzy, I think I like that better...
I was thinking 'Tux,' then saw that Samantha had taken it.  So, I go for Willful Brimley.
Or Brim.
 Amy wins!  It's Sven! 
Congratulations, Sven, you're a "critter control specialist."