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Since someone ruined my day...

...I see no reason not to share.
Just Wondering.....

I'm just passing this along as a public service of course......

Have you ever wondered if those one dollar bills in your wallet were ever in a strippers's butt crack? Was it a maybe even a 'Chippendale'? [Of course, for some of you, that would be a "feature" not a bug...]

if you weren't, you are now.

Have a nice day... 
This is all your fault, Jim.  You know who you are. 


I always sniff mine to check.  No sense in steam cleaning all of them as that costs too much.
I could have lived the rest of my life without thinking about that. Thanks. :P
Just leave them in a pocket and run the pants through the washer.  Unless it's a tattered bill, it will hold up well and come out clean.  Just in case.
Heck, no need for special effort, I end up laundering my money anyway. Three cheers for absentmindedness. Now if I could just remember which pants I left it in...


Redhead, mid-twenties, Dallas-Ft. Worth area, vegetarian...
Oh Great!  Further proof of the continous debasing of our Fiat Currency.
And you thought the yellow lines were from counterfit detection pens.
For years I've been using cash less and debit cards more...that's just another reason.  Ugh!
Hey, always sniff!  Like the Drug Pigs say, there's prolly cocaine on it!
When I accumulate a good size stack of ones in the wallet I refer to it as my stripper money. Usually just to get the Mrs. eyes to roll. Also great way to turn heads in polite company.
For years I've been using cash less and debit cards more...

Iccck. I hope you wash it off after she swipes it.

What if the "magnetic" strip is worn out, does that mean that she would have to rub the card a couple times inside a plastic bag to remagnetize it?