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Now here's some fun.

WWII Army training movie.

Mind you - it's from Live Leak, which can have some objectionable ads if you click through to their site - so pay attention to where you are.

Part 2

This movie probably dates from mid-1943, given that the AT grenade has a February 1943 manufacture date on it - and probably was made after we'd invaded North Africa and been there long enough to have brought back some german tanks and gear for technical evaluation and training purposes, like the MkIV used in the film. 

The "German soldiers" of the 6th Infanterie Regiment are versatile soldiers, since they crew the tank, too. 

And, let's just say that even by this point in the war, the anti-tank weapons section is... um, well, *optimistic* comes to mind.

I think I'm going to try the "bucket test" at the Castle, using the M4, M1, and M1A, if I can find a suitable tree in a place I can get a safe angle to take the shots from.

And yes, we'll record it.  H/t, Kevin.


Not one comment on this yet.  I'd have thought this one would have drawn you like flies to road kill.
I couldn't help but notice that though plenty is talked about the 37mm AT Gun, nary a word on the 75mm Pack Howitzer.
Why aren't the "Germans" allowed to return fire?

Seriously...although it make look impressive in a training environment, I am highly sceptical about a US infantryman sitting in his hidey-hole waiting for a Pzkw IV to pass by so he can employ his rifle grenade.  If we are to believe any of SLA Marshall's work, I doubt this occurred with any frequency.
VERY COOL!  I enjoyed that immensely.  Not sure why the title card of the video shows flintlock weapons, though...

I wonder about the 37mm AT gun...they claim, what, a 30 rpm sustained firing rate?  Maybe a single 37mm round wouldn't pierce the frontal armor on a Panzer IV, but could sustained firing on the same area have done the job?  Given 20 seconds to put 10 rounds on target, I'd interested to see whether a PIV could have withstood that.
Josh - crossed flintlocks are the branch insignia of the Infantry.
Haha now I know...
Everyone knows you disable a tank by rolling underneath and placing a grenade in the tracks- blannggg! - and the track disintegrates.
That's how Sgt. Fury did it, anyhoo...
Josh - not exactly sure how to take your "haha" - so, in case you think I'm pulling your leg... I'm not.

This time, anyway.

Re: The 37mm AT vs German tanks... well as a child, I KNEW that Ol' Jeb Stuart and the Haunted Tank could knock out Tiger tanks with their lil' pop gun.  It happened in every issue of that great old comic book.

But, to my childish mind (nothing has changed, spare me the snarks) I always thought that was overkill... I mean, really now, the Rat Patrol routinely blew up Nazi tanks with their jeep mounted .50 calibers.

I saw it every week on TV, it MUST be true.

Or are nasty old hard facts again destroying my willing suspension of disbelief ?


To be fair, I suppose that every 37mm shell and .50 caliber round could drive down the barrel of the Jerry tank and blow up their ready round....... 

I suppose......
No no, I believe you.

Kevin - How much armor can those new SLAP .50 BMG rounds penetrate?