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News of local interest to Kansans

Sebelius directs flags to half-staff for Pfc. Richard A. DeWater
Governor asks Kansans to honor fallen soldier from Topeka

Governor Kathleen Sebelius has directed flags to be flown at half-staff throughout Kansas from sunup to sundown on Saturday, April 25, 2009 in honor of Pfc. Richard A. DeWater, Topeka , who was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division of Fort Hood, Texas, and killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday, April 15.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Private First Class DeWater, a beloved son, husband and soldier,” Sebelius said. “We honor his sacrifice and service to our nation by lowering our flags and celebrating his life.”

In July of 2007, Governor Sebelius signed an executive order allowing the flags of the United States and State of Kansas to be displayed at half-staff throughout the state when a member of the Kansas National Guard or Kansas Air National Guard is killed in the line of duty, or when a Kansas resident serving as a member of the United States Armed Forces is killed in the line of duty. In each instance, the governor will designate the date for flags to fly at half-staff.


I think every state should do this.  It's the least we can do to honor the fallen.
Interesting that she just starts doing this now -- how long has that leftist hog been governor of Kansas?  Might have something to do with Jay Nixon of Missouri having done the same thing a few days ago, and she sees an excellent PR opportunity to help shoe her into the obamamalfunction administration.  She doesn't give a rats ass about us veterans unless she can use us for something to benefit her.
Steve, this isn't new - it's been in place since July 2007, implemented not by the legislature, but by executive order.  I don't always get the email notifications, so I haven't posted them all.  This is not the first one.

On this particular issue, I wouldn't dis the Governor.   Plenty of other things to use for that.
Roger that John.  Based on your information, I shall let her slide on this.  I am still inclined to think she be an arrogant turd though.  (Based on other actions than this in the past)

Heheheheh.  That's just fine, Steve.  I was mounting a point defense, not a general one.  The longer I parse the 'net, the more convinced I am that attacking everything and always assuming bad intentions on the part of the political opposition in the end compromises the force of your legitimate attacks on legitimate targets.

So, I can whack her for her veto of concealed carry, and pat her bemusedly on the back for allowing me to own machineguns, and still note the discrepancy.  I can applaud her signing the executive order for half-staff flags, and deplore her relationship with The Great Abortionist, all without compromising any fundamentals.