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Caption Contest

An F-16 Fighting Falcon painted in the Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team paint scheme makes its way to the Museum of Aviation April 29 in Warner-Robins, Ga. (U.S. Air Force photo)

The official caption is soooo boring. 

You can do better.


Due to military budget cuts under the Obama administration, the Thunderbirds have resorted to performing death-defying arial formations on the ground.

Roger. Assuming formation.
The job's lots of fun, but the commute is a real bitch.
After expanded "Card Check" legislation was passed, the US Air Force ground crewmen of Local 527 now play a much greater role in the movement of aircraft.
"I've got a Chrysler PT Cruiser on my six...taking evasive action!"
"Seeing that phase one -- panicking New York with Air Force One -- had been a resounding success, the Obama staff launched phase two in its campaign to reduce the military's popularity with the American public."
There's always that one guy that has to hold up traffic just so everyone can see how cool his ride is.
"Los Angeles Center, CACTI 97 requests delay at interchange 110 until 1900Z, block altitudes FL0 to FL0.  Accept MARSA with THUNDERBIRD FOUR plus thirty, and request clearance to conduct A/R with same on I-15."
Um, Dave?  I *told* you that damn gate didn't lead to the hardstand!
This is why rotary wing aviation rules
KMBZ is adding Eyes On The Road to it's successful Double Coverage Airborne Traffic, ONLY on Morning News!
" Say, I thought those flying cars were supposed to eliminate gridlock."

"I feel the need... the need for Starbucks.  Can you pull off on this exit.  I see a drive thru."

A sure-fire method of preventing tailgating. 
"Hey, watch what happens when I hit the afterburner!"
"Oh, hell. He's signaling for us to pull over!"
 F-16 (TOW)

After failing to find pilot 1LT James Smith at his assigned quarters, plane captain Airman Thomas Jones and crew chief Sergeant "Wild" Bill Williams resorted to the only way they could figure to get Thunderbird #4 to the airshow on time...
1LT Smith, who had been attending a preshow Public Affairs function with Ms. Loretta Flatback, was heard to say, upom arriving on the flight line two hours late:
"Dude!  Where's my plane!?!"
F-16 (TOW)

You *do* realize that there are only about three people here who'll get that, don't you?

The Defense Interstate Highway System specs call for one straight mile in every five to be used as alternate Air Defense runway in case of invasion. They just forgot to take rush hour into account.
Tired of tailgaters behind him and slow drivers ahead of him, Bob resolved to solve his problems by commuting in his OTHER vehicle.
The USAF's new camoflage practices seem to have found a small kink in the hiding in a crowd strategy.

I told you to turn left.. no mate the other left. Now we're here reckon we'd fit in drivethru?

Precison formation flying under the newly reformed USOAF.  The United States of Obama Air Fliers.  Because force is too violent a word.  Each pilot gets at least a few hours flight time as long as the frequent flier points hold up.

This runway is taking far too long to clear.

The Army chief, an ex tanker, ordered his new aerial ground force for superior firesupport which features perfectly close air support, high availability, reduced fuel costs and vastly improved time to fire delivery.

Jim: Why won't the let me taxi under my own power?

Fred: Last time we let you do that, you waited for a convertible to pull up behind you, and then hit the afterburner.

Jim: So?
How's my driving?  Call 1-800-AIM-HIGH
My Darling Chief, I am not one of those three people.......explain please.

I like Roachman's entry.  Although KCSteve & Kirk's answers were good as well.
LAPD's new task force to prevent speeding.

Since the first idiot who dared to pass him on the right got smoked into oblivion with a Hellfire, not one case of drivers exceeding the limit has been reported.
Since the first idiot who dared to pass him on the right got smoked into oblivion with a Hellfire Maverick

Fixed that for you.

"Court-martial?  But they always SAID the interstates were designed to be used as emergency airstrips!" 

 I was expecting more.