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A photo-phun post

First up - no, this is not some odd sculpture of an owl - it's an early shot of Bill learning to fly, before his Guardian Angel, Carborundum, had the "keep Tuttle out of the trees" thing figured out.

It looks like he's walking away - so it's a good landing.

Then there's this picture from May, 1951.  What d'you think the story is for this picture? 

Korea, May 1951

H/t, Richard T. for the pics.


Pic 1 shows an early experiment in aerial defoliation. It worked -- note that there is *no* foliage on the target tree, and the deciduous beasties on either side have shed their leaves in an effort to escape the same attention.

Pic 2 shows a GI poking a finger-hole in the C-rat candy bar that would eventually find its way into the box of lunch I opened in 1978 at Ft. Drum. Fortunately, the finger was no longer in the hole.
I would not want to be that poor aerial defoliator climbing down from there. Yikes!
Photo 1 was an experimental method for vertical landing.  It did not catch on.
The three tree-climbers are the rescue/recovery party, Saker -- the pilot looks like he's half in, half out of the cockpit of the Avro.
The first pic:
Obviously a totem being placed to appease the Thunder Birds.

Second pic:
Soldier reading "Do not hold lit match at burning end."
Photo 2 - Congratulations! You survived the recapture of Seoul and, by the way, you're a new daddy!
Then there's this picture from May, 1951.

The recapture of Seoul from the Japanese?
 Pic One

"Brushback 210 taxi to the ramp".