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A new whatziss!

Here it is.  Complete.  Not just a little snippet of a larger photograph and all the other little ways I like to torture you.  This is a Tuttle-Style® Whatziss.

Okay, smarty-pants - Whatziss?


I've seen something like this before, is it mobile shelter/camoflage for an artillary piece? 
 Some kind of mobile workshop with power tools driven by belts? 
French or Italian mobile 'health and comfort' wagon.  Gotta keep them front line troops happy and raise their... morale.
Could it be a mobile laundry system?  Two trailers, connected by tarps and the old fashioned belt to provide torque for the equipment inside, washers on one side, spin dryers on the other?  Centrifuge type spinners could get most of the water out of the clothes to speed drying.  Otherwise, not a clue.
I'm leaning towards Mr.  Huffman's mobile laundry (tho perhaps showers). You can see hollow pipes under the sides that might be discharge pipes from the interior.
Hell , that there is one of them old Signal Corps mobile pigeon coops.  Or an old Quartermasters mobile chicken coop. For the birds any way you look at it.
Belt drive for something at outer walls

But where does the input power to drive that belt thing come from?

Looking at the wheels, along with the belt drive, says late 19th, early 20th century to me, my guess being WWI.

No idea as to function, though.

Hore drawn era.  4 carts, one quarter of a mobile unit per cart, no visible power to make those belts move so the power  source must be inside. Very odd doorway, almost as if the water was to be inside.  - how about mobile bath house/laundry?
auxilary power unit ,Horse's inside powering the belts by treadmills.
power unit horse's on treadmill inside powering belt outside
 Didn't FEMA send these to New Orleans?
I would say a workshop, possibly for wood.  I think laundry is possible but not bathhouse.  If it's Tuttle-style it must have TINS.
Mobile gas chamber
mobile decon station (and if that ain't what it is, that's at least what I would use it for!)
Update to my prior comment.  My father used to work on steam threshers back in the old days and it had belts similiar to this setup.  A small steam engine would not only power the belts if attached to the system via a screw type of rod at the other end of building and then the steam engine could provide hot water for the washers.  A metal rod would run  from one pulley wheel to the far end pulley wheel to keep the far end working.  Just an idea.  Most likely wrong, but sounds feasible.
Mobile hamster powered TOC.  The data written on the side specifies type, number, and age of approved hamsters.
That is a Cathouse brand mobile entertainment facility made by Bordello Inc.
Late 18th century motorhome.
I think Bill forgot about this.