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While better than the alternative...

...entropy is still an assault on dignity, but it runs through everything.

A couple of things conflate -

Reading Ry's review of The Watchmen, especially Casey's response to it, I realized how much the accumulation of cultural grit starts to affect you over the years.  The Auld Soldier still gets smarter every year.

The rapidity with which the conservative side of the 'sphere adjusted to being in Opposition, while adopting many of the forms (and in some places, similar vitriol) that the progressive side of the 'sphere used while in opposition has been tiring.  Especially since I'm such a squish.  Sometimes, I want to hang it up as a bad effort, given how much we used to tut-tut the left for their behavior.

Yesterday the Auld Soldier and I had a chat about the problem of our respective Rotary Clubs and their average age (his club's is too high, ours is close to being too high).  This is really a problem with any organization, and the ghost of my discussion with the Auld Soldier shows up in the discussion earlier this week on the issue of veteran's organizations.  We, as groups, tend to select our friends and those like us, because they're who we're comfortable with.  When we look around, and suddenly realize that there's nothing but grey hair and bald heads at the meeting, we start to go "Uh-oh!" and make an effort to recruit younger members.  We score a few, pat ourselves on the back, and get back to business.  And forget something.  That next year, the average age of the group will be... one year older.  So, unless you put in an on-going process to *keep* that number down...  entropy is going to kick you in the butt again.

The reason that the Auld Soldier and I had that chat is we were discussing SWWBO's birthday, among other things.  Her birthday is today.  Mind you, we'll ignore when her thread started and simply say we're glad it's still being spun.  Happy Birthday, Sweetie! [waves vigorously] However, she got most of her presents yesterday.  I got her a massage and hair color at a local spa, and she used that color appointment yesterday because we're going to a party this weekend and the skunk stripe [yet another indignity of entropy], needed some touching up.  We also discussed the Auld Soldier's status change that occurred in conjunction with SWWBO's other present.

We called my Dad's father "Daddy Jack."  Dad, when he assumed the mantle of Grandfather, became "Daddy Tim."  Since he assumed the status of Great-Grandfather yesterday afternoon, he's now going to be either "Great Daddy Tim" or "Grand Daddy Tim," I'm not sure that's been fully decided by those who decide such things. I'm certainly not that person.

So, what's all this got to do with me?  Heh.  C'mon, I'm fighting entropy!  My Dad is now a genuine antique, I've got cultural grit under my fingernails, my wife is now higher mileage, I've got a plan to combat entropy in the club and, now, the family.  I have an ally in that struggle, young and spoiling for a fight.

Oh, and that means I'm a grandfather, dammit. 

Prodigal Son and Prodigal Son's Significant Other have confirmed their evolutionary viability.

Meet Miles.

Meet Prodigal Grandson, v1.0.    Miles Healy Poland.  Yes, he *is* named for Vorkosigan. +10 if that means something to you.  That's how PS and PSSO decided to avoid any squabbling over naming rights.  Here's hoping he's as tough as Vorkosigan without the other baggage that makes for such interesting novels.  That stuff is fun to read, ya don't really want to live it.

19 inches long (can't call it tall when he's mostly horizontal) and 7 lbs and dominates the room he's in.  He has all his bits and pieces in the proper locations and proper numbers, and he and his mother are doing just fine.  SWWBO is in Manhattan being doting, bustling Grandma.

See?  That damn entropy thing. 

I'm a farking grandfather.

Howinthehell did *that* happen?

I'm also given to understand, via Argent, that 1SG Keith added another notch to his Grandfather belt yesterday.

If you're reading this Andy and Ashes, I'm *stll* a bit miffed that I'm not a father-in-law yet, however.


Welcome Miles and congratulations SWWBO on another year completed. John and I are right behind you (by a couple months).

By the way John, that whole FIL thing is preceeded by a whole lot of drama. That process is scheduled for late-Fall for us. I would suggest the young folk just head to the JP and jump the broom with the least ceremony.

Congratulations... Gramps.  :D

*running for the hills*
Congratulations!  I know I'm new here, but I hope all the best for everyone involved.

And I know about the entropy, too.  (Relatively) Younger, but some days I definitely feel old, especially with some of the young kids that come into the shop.
"Howinthehell did *that* happen?"

Iffen you don't know by now.....nevver mind.....they never told you about not drinking the water?
So I bribe my grandchildren not to call me grandpa in public when we're out shopping, but they're great kids and the girl likes to fish. The boy likes his gameboy.

And're now sleeping with a grandmother.

Congrats on your new status...and you can quit strutting around the yard.
Huzzah!  And congrats, John - that's fantastic news!
Outstanding!  Congratulations!
Congratulations one and all!  Young Miles has a very calculating expression on his face.  Probably planning his first adventure.  Be firm and don't let him have his first company of mercenaries until he's at least 16.
Fishmugger - were I you, I would not get within cast-iron trivet range of SWWBO.

BCR - if he is the sum of his influences, we're in for a rough ride.
Oooh, congratulations, John!  A Grandfather :o)
Happy Birthday to SWWBO :o)
Heh.  Happy Birthday, Beth!  Welcome to grandparenthood.  It hasn't happened to us yet, and while part of me can't wait, I am in no hurry; wanting to enjoy these years as much as possible.  My friends are grandmothers and they are younger than I.  However, they love their status and their grandbabies, and are making up for some lost time. 
Welcome Miles!

FM - It was nice knowin' ya.
Congrats all around.
Congrats and best wishes on your lates addition to the family!  This is why I waited until I was 30 to start having kids. 
As far as entropy is concerned, there are a lot us us still coming up who know the true meaning of citizenship.  My dues are paid up for what's important to me. 
Happy B-Day Missa Beth.  Be strong Miles; this Big World will need you!  And Congrats to all who are entering Nanna and Daddahood!

So as to arrest the progress of enthropy, I believe to have found the PERFECT GIFT for you all.  These bed linens should help keep you in young spirits for years to come.
1st: Congrats!
2nd: John, don't despair.  Last summer, our eldest and his SO presented us with granddaughter 1.0.  Since this was my failure to launch progeny and not my prodigal (yes, I have one of each) I was glad that he actually accomplished something.  Since he found out what he accomplished, he did become more responsible all around and in November they went ahead and got married, so there is hope for you all as well...
Congratulations to both Beth & Miles!

It's long been my understanding that women cease having ages and switch to just having birthdays somewhere around 23 - 25.

Congrats to Ashes and Andy, and welcome to Miles!  Grandparenthood will be an adventure, John & Beth - relish it :-)
And a very Happy Natal Day to SWWBO - margaritas all around!!

Yer now an OFFICIAL Auld Phart!  You were just an imposter until that little baby entered the world, John.

And yes, it's true- Keith is now a Papa Cubed- and all girls.  Katie is doing great from what I hear, and the Daddy just can't be more proud of all of his girls.  Eleanor the Eldest is in love with "HER Olyvia"... and Victoria-in-the-middle, who just turned one last week, is rather miffed by the prospect of sharing her Mommy.  No pictures yet, but I'm told she looks a lot like her mama.  Keith is heading out there tomorrow morning.

Life is GRAND, isn't it, GRANDPARENTS???  
simply lovely.

Someone ought to make sure Lois knows about this... :)
Many congratulations!! He's beautiful! 

And Happy Birthday SWWBO!
Hey Congratulations to you all! At least remembering birthdays will be relatively easy! As for Entropy I think Miles dealt with that all ready for you, Sir John "You go on. You just go on. There's nothing more to it, and there's no trick to make it easier. You just go on." "And what do you find on the other side? When you go on?" "Your life again. What else?" "Is that a promise?" "It's an inevitability. No trick. No choice. You just go on." -- Harra and Miles, 'Memory'
Congrats and Happy Birthday to all!   :-)

Nows when sweet mothers revenge comes to play *wink *wink. Spoil the hell out of him, he's a bute, kinda looks like Grandpa John or Grand Daddy John, or whatever Miles decides to call you, for HE will be the decider. You can try and tell them what to call you but ultimately he'll call you by whatever suits HIM.

Happy Birthday, Beth!
And congrats to Miles and all the new parents and grandparents!
I wondered if you were gonna come back and clean up that little loose end, Frank!

8^ D
Well John...just don't tell her what I said. It will just be secret between you and me.

But do tell her Happy Birthday for me.
Um, [looks left, looks right] uh, you *do* know this is a public blog and she, uh, *reads* it, right?

8^ )
I was gonna make a disparaging remark about somebody around here being old enough to be a GRANDPA (!), but thought twice about it!

Especially since it would also remind me that I'm getting older, too. LOL
I was hoping to get lucky...those trivets can leave a mark.

You did make sure to visit upon the PS the Parent's Curse, Yes?

"May you have children who act just like you did!"
congratulations and blessings for you each and all...
Happy Birthday, Beth!

What a great birthday present! I love being a grandma. It's the bees knees.
Many happy congratulations to all on the new arrival to the homestead, and Beth's passing demarcation of time.   Beth you are as lovely as ever, and John, well, what can we say ...  AARP and Gramps.  Certainly we can get some more tickmarks.   Just watch out for Gravity.   There is no cure for that.     Time to turn the page into a new chapter, and look forward adventure which you can only guess at how it might unfold !!  
Don't laugh too much at us grandparents, AFSis. In a few months, after you say 'I do', if I'm a grandparent, so are you......
of course, that would make you a GMILF......
I kinda like that.....

Not true.  Until the Momma says I'm a grandma.... I am just your wife.  Sweetums.
I still like the idea of considering you a GMILF.....
Bite me gramps.
do I have to take my teeth out first,,,?
Happy Birthday, Beth! and congratulations on the new addition. Teach him well Grandpa!
Hmm... I guess "Granpa Donovan" has a certain ring to it. Not nearly as cool as "Pappy Jack," but pretty close.

Let's let Granpa John show us how he fired up that musket for Gettysburg. But we should keep him away from the bayonet, if you catch my drift... {/snerk}
Hey, you two - get a room before someone throws out a hip...