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Hmmm. Wonder where this originated?

From a DoD Press Release:

End to Stop Loss Announced
The Department of Defense announced today a comprehensive plan to eliminate the current use of Stop Loss, while retaining the authority for future use under extraordinary circumstances. This is an important step along the path in adapting the Army into an expeditionary force.

The Army Reserve and Army National Guard will mobilize units without employing Stop Loss beginning in August and September 2009, respectively. The Regular (active duty) Army will deploy its first unit without Stop Loss by January 2010.

For soldiers Stop Lossed during fiscal 2009, the department will provide a monthly payment of $500. Until the department is able to eliminate Stop Loss altogether, this payment will serve as an interim measure to help mitigate its effects.

"Stop Loss disrupts the plans of those who have served their intended obligation. As such, it is employed only when necessary to ensure minimal staffing in deploying units, when needed to ensure safe and effective unit performance," said Bill Carr, deputy under secretary of defense for military personnel policy. "It is more easily rationalized in the early stages of conflict when events are most dynamic; but tempo changes in this war have frustrated our efforts to end it altogether."

The department intends to provide Stop Loss Special Pay to eligible service members until the point of separation or retirement, to include that time spent on active duty in recovery following redeployment. Stop Loss Special Pay will begin on the date of implementation, and will take effect for those impacted on or after Oct. 1, 2008.

Stop Loss Special Pay implements the authority granted by Section 8116 of the "Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriation Act, 2009." The appropriation is available to secretaries of the military departments only to provide Special Pay during fiscal 2009.

I wonder was this in the works BO, or AO?  Before Obama or After Obama? 

If it's supported by sound manpower analysis, I'm all for it.  It has always been a blunt tool used on a surgical issue.  Hard to tell from the press release, but do they *also* mean an end to Individual Ready Reserve call-ups?  Or just the exit from active duty?


Well, we've got our mob orders for that timeframe and I've not heard anything about a stop loss.  My FA unit last time was put under stop loss at about this point in the process, although we would have been fine without it - I think it only applied to 3 or 4 people, non of whom were filling critical positions.  It's hard to say what the effect will be for soldiers reaching their end of enlistment date during a deployment, though.  Most of our guys reupped for the tax free bonus while there.  I'm one of those weird people who actually read the enlistment contract and wasn't suprised at either stop loss or selective call up of the IR.  It's all a tempest in a teapot to me, but then, I don't have any problem with deploying- that was part of the package when I signed up.
just from reading that, IRR call ups and Retiree call ups are still an available tool....

as for that $500 Stop Loss Special Pay...   i give it about 15 minutes of run time before it gets suspended for the duration (as in the manner of how they were going to be tracking individual soldiers' OPTEMPO mobilized time, and then kicking them some bucks when the had spent a large amount of time deployed away from home station)...
I'm on a telcon with LTG Rochelle - and I asked the IRR question, and some others. I'll do a write up.