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Teaser for an upcoming post.

So, People of the Gun - what are we looking at here?


Coupla bayonet-holders from the Empire days... Lee-Metford on top and the Martini below. Replacer and replacee...
The bottom one's a Martini-Henry.

The top one looks like the offspring of a SMLE and a Mauser 98
Is that an Irish Lee on top?  Kinda looks like one...
Look like some of those Afghan beaters you see at the haji mart.
I'm with the barbarian on this one, except they're less decorated than usual.
Kewl Khyber Pass Kopies!
One qualifies as an assault weapon, but one doesn't?  Just guessing, because I can't tell the difference.
You guys don't disappoint!  They are, indeed, Khyber Specials.  You guys are good.

 The top one looks like a British Lee-Enfield SMLE