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Into the Danger Zone.

Bill has spent a year in Iraq as a contractor, helping to establish the rotary-wing side of the Iraqi Air Force flight school. Ground school is over, the simulators are dark. It's time to fly

Well done, Bill.



Stay tuned for an update tomorrow...
Dammit.  Now I'm grinning and crying at the same time.
I'm so proud of you, BIll!  And your students, too.  *hugs*
*Sigh* More 27" Zippered Ones to contend with.  Proud day for Unka Bill.
Almost forgot -- the sims are *not* dark. The *cadets* are in the Real Deal, but the sims are helping turn some skeptical DVs into some very partisan supporters.

Over the past couple of weeks, I helped a USAF O-7 discover his inner Hoverbug...
Thanks, FuzzBee!

Uhhhhh -- kindly bear that in mind when you see my comment at Cassie's place...
Just can't help but smile. Can only imagine their elation at being let loose!

Good job and thanks!

This is awesome!!!
Congratulations to you, the Teacher, and to your students!!
Thank you!
*sniffle.. SMILE... sniffle*

"Over the past couple of weeks, I helped a USAF O-7 discover his inner Hoverbug..."  Bwa-ha-ha-ha, I see your plot to convert plank drivers to the dark side is progressing smoothly...  Seriously, great job. You must be really proud of your guys.
They don't call him the Thongmaster for nuttin'
Ummmmm -- PG-17d is looking kinda poleaxed...
BillT, WELL DONE! You probably feel like you're walking on the clouds. Note, this comment is not a reflection on Cassandra's "Thongmaster" comment. Remember, if it can be taken wrongly, it will be.

Armorer, BillT, Cassandra, THANK YOU! Laugh and enjoy, its the best medicine and you don't need some dang doctor to write a prescription.

As always,
Now the CLUs want flying lessons.

Ya did good.
Well done Bill.
Bah.  One more time with feeling.

Well done Bill.
Oh, Bill?  Well done, man!  Just in case ya didn't catch that.

BTW, everybody - the server's full, I'm too cheap to pay $100 a month, so the time outs are going to be a problem for a while.

That said - your comments post 95% of the time, the first time, even when you get the error message.

HUZZAH!  Great job, Bill!
Good God, no. That's all the aviation world needs is a freaking O-7 in the freaking cockpit. I swear some of the O-6s here drive the short bus to work. I can't imagine what an O-7 would be like...
Stop corrupting my leadership with your rotary-wing heresy!  Haha congratulations Bill, you should be proud.  Breeding another generation of aviators is a noble pursuit even if they are helo pilots...
Oh, man. That brought tears to my eyes. So proud of you and your guys, Bill. Well done - and thank you.
Geez, all that adulation is liable to give my extreme modesty and insuperable shyness a kick right in the 27-inch zipper...

Heh. Thanks, kids!

'Nother post to follow tomorrow, because today got more jammed than we'd planned.

I can't imagine what an O-7 would be like...

Heh. He knows his limitations, HF6.

He said, "Teach me enough so that I won't embarass myself the next time I climb into one."