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When the Medevac Flies Directly Overhead... means it's bad. It means there's no need to rush survivors to the hospital pad.

It means the worst has happened.

Earlier this week, the medevacs flew directly overhead, sometime around midnight, or later -- all I knew then was that it was dark, and it was the worst. I didn't find out how bad it was until I went to work.

We lost four friends -- and Phil Windorski was a brand-new WO1 scout pilot in our little Aviation unit on our SFOR deployment to Bosnia back in 2001. 

Chief Warrant Officer Philip E. Windorski, Jr., 35, of Bovey, Minn.

Chief Warrant Officer Matthew G. Kelley, 30, of Cameron, Mo.

Chief Warrant Officer Joshua M. Tillery, 31, of Beaverton, Ore.

Chief Warrant Officer Benjamin H. Todd, 29, of Colville, Wash.

Go here and run your cursor lightly over their names. It helps to put a face to a name, you know? Just run the cursor lightly, lightly, please...

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam for Chief Warrant Officer Philip Windorski, Jr., Chief Warrant Officer Matthew G. Kelley, Chief Warrant Officer Joshua M. Tillery, and  Chief Warrant Officer Benjamin H. Todd,  Kiowa Warrior pilots of Bravo Troop, 6-6 Cavalry, who died doing what they loved and believed in.

Scouts Out! KW flight inbound to Fiddler's Green, cleared direct from present position!


Absent companions! [sound of smashing glass]
Rest in peace, troopers.
Oh, Bill....  *hug*
Forever gratefull to the Four Good Horsemen of the Sky, we are.
Oh no.
I'm so sorry, Bill.

As John said... To Absent Companions! *clink*
Lord bless their souls...
It's shaping up to be a bad year for helicopters already  - The Blackhawk in Texas and now this.  On top of that an acqaintence of mine was involved in a wire strike last week.  My prayers to those lost and recovering, and a word to the rest of you pilots out there - stay safe.  Please.
Thanks for fixing my triple tap :o)
Well, it really isn't your fault, and I have a little applet that goes in and cleans out duplicate posts. It's really intended for spam attacks, but it works for the Great Hall Echo, too.
Libation spilled. May they never thirst, wherever they are.
The funeral for Chief Warrant Officer Matthew G. Kelley will be Saturday, Feb 7th at 2:00 pm in Cameron.  His father is an active member of and further information is available in the forums there.
Candles are lit in their memory.  Prayers said for the families who got the worst news ever.
Every military family's darkest fear.
May the good Lord give them some peace and may the newest residents of Fiddler's Green know how much we appreciate what they sacrificed.
We will never forget.
I'm so sorry, Bill.  My heart goes out to their families and friends as well.
Absent friends.  My prayers for them and those who love them.
who died doing what they loved and believed in

Nobody really wants to die, but since we all have to, I guess that's got to be one of the better options.  I know that's how I'd want it.

Here's to heroes!
 Thank you so much for this tribute to my husband, Phil, and to his brothers, Josh, Matt and Ben.  Our hearts are heavy but our request is simple.  Never forget.
Thank you, Ma'am.

We won't forget. We won't forget...
Thanks, Bill. I never had the chance to meet Ski but I know his wife and she's incredible so I'm sure he was as well.

Mrs. Ski ~ Ski will never be forgotten. Nor will you. Nor will Josh, Matt, or Ben. You all are in our prayers.
 When you take a soldier's pay, you take a soldier's chance. Nevertheless each one who makes the ultimate sacrifice, nicks a little from my soul and makes me realize how fortunate I was/am.  Our frowns and teary eyes cannot truly reflect the depth of our sadness. God Bless them!