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On the importance of camouflage

Vertical Face Paint - because that way no one will notice those Barretts...
H/t, Boq.


Heee - I was so focused on The Crazy Frog Brigade, that I missed all the diagonal lines in that other picture.
Find out where pink grass grows and you'll discover their destination...

Oh that is awesome!  Fits right into a high-caliber gun discussion thread I'm on :-)

I've seen worse and seen it on our own guys.

Camo paint mixed with bug juice that makes pretty, glossy, picture friendly face patterns that end at the eyebrows and jaw line. Ears, neck, forehead all bare. And oh how nicely that face paint sparkles when any light happens to hit it in the dark.

I doubt that's still done. But for awhile in the late 80's and most of the 90's, every time I saw a camo painted Soldier face, I wanted to ask if he was trying to actually camouflage or was he playing po-mo injun warpaint.
After looking a bit closer at that goofy pic, it seems to me that all them guys had the same template placed on their face and then spray painted.

Or maybe they used masking tape?
Ha a stencil!  All they need now is glueglitter.

They seem kinda unsynchronised for a parade yet too synchronised to just be walking.  Is this a march maybe?  I dunno about beret's they are so much floppy nothings mind you i've never seen a military hat i like all that much.  While we're at it what's the weapon carried.  This is prolly a no brainer for you guys.
EVERYONE knows that is John's throwdown weapon for when the world goes all peace and love and he gets caught assisting someone in their desire to "reurn to nature" just a little quicker than they planned.
Alright I give.  I know there a clues here, but who are these guys?
24 Barretts in a parade?
What guys? All I see is pink grass and beret flashes.

Argent - those are Barrett  M82 .50 caliber sniper rifles.

Rod - they're in a parade in Mexico, probably one of the big Independence Day parades held in Mexico City.

Thanks John, I was going to the idea that they're Brazilian and headed to Argintina.
Thanks for that.  So it's berets with Barretts.  I suppose the phonetics are different.  That's quite a bit of snipery then, almost as much as I see in email lately.
It took me a while to find who were them guys, but here they are.  The Mexican Army's 6th Special Forces Battallion, of all places.  Oh and HERE too.
This makes sence.  Is this why so many of the Mexican people are so poor.  The rulers spend all this denero on high priced wepons that will never be used for anything more challenging than murdering Indians in the south.  Shame they don't use this stuff to wipe out the drug gangs along their northern border.  I get tired of hearing about the border town police being murderd in the streets by gangs that seem to roam around with nothing to fear.  Those policemen deserve better backup than they get now.  Time to put that scarry face paint and rifle to use, and not in a parade.  Just a thought...