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It looks like we're all busy today

Dusty, Kat, Bill, me...  plus, I got caught in a time crunch this morning and didn't get the pics uploaded for yesterday's whatziss answer, so that will have to wait.  Perhaps I'll get home for lunch.

So here's a forensic challenge for you geek firearms types.

Here's a shot of two fired cartridges.

What do you think the story is?  [Update: I should add that more than one story is possible, but the mostly likely ones are all variations on a theme, so constructive credit will be awarded.]

So, what's the story?
For those of you who whine about the pics being too small, no context, etc - here's a larger version.

H/t, SezaGeoff from Down Under.


Star Crimp .308 blank fired in a 30.06?

Well, my guess is the one on the right started life as a .308 Winchester (or 7.62mm NATO) and was fired in a Navy Garand that had the chamber insert in the .30-06 barrel it was issued with.  The inserts had the nasty habit of ejecting with the brass.  Perhaps the attached to the case on the left?
7.62 NATO fired in a Garand.
7.62X51 fired in 30.06 chamber would be my guess, pity you did not place a metric or inch scale next to them....
Well, I'll help you there, Terrapod, since everybody is defaulting to the 7.62x51/.308 Winchester anyway...  the round on the left is a .308 Winchester.
Yeah, I seem to remember reading a story about a guy shooting the National Matches at Camp Perry, was shooting both a .308 and an -06 Garand in different matches and discovered to his horror when he was policing his brass that he was the proud owner of what now appeared to be .45-70 Govt brass. Oops! Didn't help his scores either!

Eagle 1
Yeah, I'll go with .308 in an '06 chamber.  End of the cartridge is tapering just at the point the .30-06 would.
Well, sure looks like a 308 FIRED in a 45-70 to me!  Though, surprized that the case isn't split or something.
Funny, when I do that I always get neck splits in the ex-308 brass. I think this may be something else.

When that happens, Martin, are you shooting virgin brass or reloads?

And, I would wonder, too - military or commercial ammo?
See, I saw that and my first thought was .308-based wildcat round...although upon closer inspection, the taper at the very very end probably rules that out...
Maybe it's for the blank cartridge the Navy uses with the M-14 line gun.
Well, you all have me on the hook now..... so what exactly is it that produced the shell on the right? :-))
T-pod - I had so much stuff up today already, I'm saving the reveal for tomorrow.