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I miss Little Girl. (Sorry Og) funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals


I miss Little Girl, too.

  And those are great lolcats!
That first one is so cute.
You more than make up for the cat pics by posting splodey goodness. Don't sweat.
I love those Lolcats too.  That kitten may look tiny, but he haz a tuf!
Awwwwwwww...they're adorable!

Some day I'm gonna give in to the temptation and bring home a couple dozen kittens all my neighbors are going to know me as "that crazy guy with all the cats"...

You gotta love how our guys and gals in uniform take care of the critters they encounter.  Protect the innocents, regardless of leg count :-)

I used to be the crazy cat guy but my human to cat ration has fallen off to just etcentric now.
What is your ratio, Murray?  We're at 2/3/6/5/7/40  Humans/DogsCats/Goats/Horses/Birds
I'm at 1:1 now.

But I live in a garage so I get extra credit and you are clearly insane and own and area hlf the size of New Zealand anyway. Wot yr point?
The first one is v good.  Dogs, cats, goats, horses and birds.  Nope none here we get... rodents.  2. Hamsters the kids call them but my mind definitely screams rodents.  Our terms allow no other pets.  They come and go with the kids (not baby goats) so we have fluctuating ratios.
My ratio is 1/2/1/30
I am the crazy goat lady.

Our new kitten jumped in my car during a client meeting in southern Indiana about a month ago.  The way I see it, he chose me, so how could I refuse?
He's got the most incredible purr, and now hates to go outside.  I figure it's because he's afraid he'll get tossed out like he did before he found me.  His purr is where he got his name from- Gunner, because the boys said his purr is so loud he sounds like a machine gun.

I've always compared my cats purring to piston engines...
My cat is "Boomer."...the best mouser I have ever had brings dead mice, ground squirrels,moles, and birds home and places them at the front door  almost everyday sets their and waits for me to acknowledge her hunting prowess. One of are Cows delivered a little bull last week I"m worried Boomer might drag it home by the throat.............
I have always named our pets after aircraft engines, but our first cat, Merlin, was the best.  Black and sleek, like an enameled Rolls Royce - but with a purr that would shake the house.  Half siamese, half wild-cat and absolutely beautiful.  Had him from a kitten till I had to put him down when he got too old and sick, but I love him still.
Photo to follow!

People/cat/ferret/moose/summertime mosquitos, first batch
Our official Hangar Cat is named George. Roughly 20 pounds, dusty brown and spotted like an ocelot. And, like all good Hangar Cats, he's never around when there's a lot of people and aircraft movement -- but every morning, the milk and water bowls are empty and, although there are scads of mice and rats in the area, there have been *none* inside the hangar since we first set it up.