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We're doing some things just right.

Us Mercenary Bastid War Profiteer Contractor Parasites got a break from teaching Iraqi kaydets how to stay alive after slipping the surly bonds of earth at about noon today. I stopped to chat with two of the Kurdish kaydets in Class 70. One's best bud is a Sunni and the other has a pal who's Shi'a.

As I was walking to the DFAC, I stopped to exchange pleasantries with a couple of the Turkish Ell-Tees who are here as Liaison Officers -- the pilots of the Iraqi 3rd Squadron had invited them to be their guests at lunch.

Walking into the DFAC, I yakked with some troops from the Kurdish Army who'd been invited to have lunch by the MITT working one of the outlying FOBs. The whole group sat with a couple of the Nigerian construction workers operating the cranes that hoist the steel sheeting that a local builder is using to erect the new IqAF Flight School complex.

Every Iraqi soldier I saw this morning wished me a Happy Thanksgiving.

I'd like to pass those wishes along to you guys...

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Giving Thanks... from Confederate Yankee on November 27, 2008 8:18 AM

...for their sacrifices and service. And if you'd like to give thanks to a milbogger deployed far away from home in a combat zone, you can do so here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.... Read More


Happy Thanks Giving to you and all those over there.  Pass that Around.  I'd ask you to give hugs and kisses with that, but I know that you might get some funny responses. 

Thank you and all of those over there for allowing us to have our safe thanks giving even as we watch another nation under attack.  We know we are lucky.

Continued prayers for your safety and theirs.

I'd ask you to give hugs and kisses with that, but I know that you might get some funny responses.

Warrior Princess and Fire Pixie wouldn't object to a hug, but either one would probably shoot me if I tried a lip-lock -- both are exceedingly married.

The Flight Surgeon's PA might not object, but he's not my type...
Plus, I'm back at work, and there's that whole Ethics In The Workplace deal. I had to swear on a stack of Cotton Mather sermons that I wouldn't molest any of the females who don't work in my office.

Not to imply, of course, that the ladies who don't work here are unproductive, it's just that they don't work here *at all*.  They work someplace else, and I'm sure they actually perform genuine work.

However, even though they don't work here and there are no plans to send one (or more) over here to actually work, I still had to take a three-hour course on why it would be unethical to thrust myself into their Personal Space if ever Hades froze solid and one of the women not working over here were ever to come over here and work.

Hi, kat! How's work?

Me thinks thou doest protest too much.  LOL

Work? Unemployed, again.  Think I will start my own business.  I think there is a bunch of doctors who could use some help navigating the suckage of our government health system.
Negotiate for cash plus medical benefits.
BillT, Kat, John, Dusty, Bos, & everyone else,

     A happy thanksgiving day to all of you as well. I was fortunate to have my son check in from overseas this morning. His Squad Leader has everyone together for a meal today, and apparently is doing something right 'cause my son gets along with him just fine. The oldest daughter is at College and isn't coming home this year for the holiday. It's a trifle expensive for just a few day's home, plus it's a full day travel each way, so sh'e staying put with a couple friends, and that's fine too.  That leaves me and the little one (she's 10, going on 22). We spent the day yesterday at the local soup kitchen. They put on a big feed each year at Thanksgiving, and again for Christmas. I help out plus play the piano for them. It's a win-win situation. I get a captive audience to try out new material on, and they get a big meal :)

   Anyway, it's also good for the young 'en to see how things are in the real world, and she feels good about helping out, so there's that.

   So, a wondeful day to you all, prayers for the folks overseas, and good thoughts for the future.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
 Happy Thanksgiving from Southern New Jersey, just outside Philadelphia!  You and all your comrades are what we are thankful for today!  God bless you--stay safe and come home to your families with pride!  
I'll just ditto what Kat said about hugs and kisses, having a safeThanksgiving. 

We are lucky indeed, but perhaps some of that "luck" is made by those who stand the line for us.  Maybe a better descriptor is "blessed..."  May we show ourselves to be worthy of such blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Thanks right back at you, Bill.  You guys and gals make our 'luck' - and we are lucky indeed to have you out there on the front lines :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the hard work you and other brave members of the armed forces are doing.
Happy Thanksgiving especially to all those serving our country overseas.  I will never forget or take for granted your sacrifices.
Bill,  it was nice to read that every Iraqi soldier wished you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Nice folks, and brave also.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else serving in the military!  I'm pleased the Iraqi soldiers recognized that it was a US Holiday as well. must be the thong :p

*running away*
On a more serious note (now that I've run to a safe snarking distance) this year's Turkey Day was a far cry from last year's.

Having the Big Guy home made all the difference in the world. But there was still that moment of silence when we said grace - the same moment we've observed for years - when we pause for moment to give thanks, to ask for protection "for those in harm's way", to remember those no longer with us.

There were so many years when I could listen to those words serenely without feeling tears well up automatically in my eyes. They didn't touch me.

I wonder whether the world will ever seem normal again?

Anyway, thanks for everything you do, Bill - you and everyone who is over there in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ones who have gone and are now back. And the ones who make it possible too. We owe you all so much.

Our entire way of life, really. That quiet serenity I took for granted all those years.

I know the Iraqis will come to know some measure of that peace one day. That is how we'll know we've really won this thing.
I know the Iraqis will come to know some measure of that peace one day. That is how we'll know we've really won this thing.

Kinda my definition of victory.  The one I caught such grief over.