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Breaking (and waning) News - The Fire Aboard MS Eurodam

Wait! Bing!  There goes the announcement tone!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Captain here. The Fire Suppression System has done it's job, and the temperature is dropping in the boiler. I'm going to stop giving you updates now, do please go back to sleep and enjoy an unworried slumber."

Snerk again. We may, indeed all go back to sleep, but I suspect we'll be sleeping lightly.  Well, the paranoid among us, anyway.

And, after Holland America realizes this got live-blogged... there'll be some discussion about shutting down the passenger uplink during emergencies... or maybe not. Hope not.

All in all (with a "thus far" caveat") this really has been much more like a Fire Drill (at least to those of us on Deck 8, away from the machinery spaces). I did stick my head out into the companionway, to see if there was any smoke (there wasn't) and mine was the only head popping out into the space like a wary whack-a-mole target (heh, we sleep nekkid at Castle Argghhh, that was simply being polite to our fellow passengers). The Captain struck the right notes, even if he does sound a bit like Eric Idle. He sounded every bit the Man In Command, with his towel, and everything firmly in control, no need for a lift, thank you,   Was that all Douglas Adamsy enough for you?

I'll offer him a conditional "Well Done!" the conditional not being lifted  until such time as we disembark this vessel (and not via lifeboat) back in Port Lauderdale! Which I fully expect will be the case.

So confident am I, that I'm going to rejoin the gently snoring SWWBO, who's already taken the Captain at his word, with no need for chemical enhancement to achieve her somnolent state of being.

And if you know SWWBO, you know that means she's not worried.


Live from Eurodam, this has been The Armorer, for the DONovan's Traveling Probably Allright News and Information Coporation. Updates as needed. Um, but a  long delay would be considered bad.  Unless there's tequila or rum involved. 

Move along, there's nothing to see here.  On to San Juan!


Time hack: John composed that deathless breathless prose at 0239 AM in the morning, Kansas Standard Time. So, for those of you who are awake at this ungodly hour

*peering sternly at kat*

you may now go back to sleep.
It's 5AM ship's time, and, blog-maintenance complete, I'm going back to bed.
Snerk - hey, Bill. How sad is it the only ones reading at this point are you and I? And here I thought we were *famous*!
Hey, it'd just be you and kat if the kaydets hadn't finished the exam when they did.

Basic Instruments -- flight techniques and procedures -- for the C-208 (that's "Caravan" to Neffi and Pogue, and "Feeder" to Dusty). Same test I would have given US pilots after I'd finished spending three days teaching 'em.

31 questions. They all scored in the 90's.
From what I know about boat drills on cruise don't have to worry until you see the orchestra from the first class salon playing show tunes on the bow deck with the conductor using a flare as a baton.

Sleep well John. 
You caught the interest of some folks discussing cruises, John.  A few of whom weren't convinced you are real ... heh.
Oh, John, you were just labeled a 'republican elite' by this article
Spamtastic to have you onboard.
Argent -- Nice catch, buddy!

Olga -- At least they also called him "stalwart"...
Snerk.  I see I have some housecleaning to do...
I left the IPs intact for your billing service's benefit...