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"...and free election this is a holiday of the democracy."

This place is biased, and doesn't represent itself as anything but, though I do try to encourage some diversity of opinion.  The difference (aside from assets and access and a general lack of obesity) between this place and MSM outlets is that I don't pretend to be unbiased and I'm self-aware enough to know I'm biased..  It's always fun to see what the graphics I use for this place cause people to assume about my personal politics, but that's not the point of this post.

So, Tom Shales writes today in the Washington Post a piece titled After a Night of Illusions, Television Records Reality:
Network anchors and reporters vied for airtime in which to express their own elation at Obama's win, and a sometimes inappropriate personal sense of victory; were reporters who said they were thrilled by Obama's winning sort of confirming charges of pro-Obama bias that had been leveled by McCain forces during the campaign?
One reason I found that interesting was SWWBO's Polish friend, who wrote this to her yesterday (I'm assuming he uses Babelfish or something like it to help his English...).  Bias that may not be apparent to the MSM is apparent to a Polish photographer.

Dear Beth.,
I keep my ′fingers crossed for America - in so important day

how it will look America for several hours ? I reflect . I do not know which choice will make americans. On its own manner every choice will be good. Because this is the democratic choice - and free election this is a holiday of the democracy. But , in a way , dead me which polarization followed. Just OK , such rights of the democracy. But is still another thing which gets on my nerves lately . The lack of the objectivism of media. They made their own hero the only one person. And where I will not look - there He is.. I open the newspaper - only about Him , open TV set - He, I am going with the street - I see his posters - even I approach to the refrigerator - I see his label. I already fear this refrigerator to open - because I seem that soon he will jump out. It is some madness and the madness. My starting page ,at my PC is - whether I do not want, I begin the day from crying titles with their hero name, as not He - it is his family.- funny little bit .. .

tell me how you live these hours of elections ? How opinions your nearest environment? I am very interested.

. Of course I am working with my photography - I must even boast that last week Prime Minister of Poland bought from me 10 large sizes of photos ( the second time - as year before too).

I run to the television set that to check last results ! - if all they voted so as in
kentucky ....
There's someone who doesn't take democracy for granted.  You should go read her post for more on that subject.  

He also had some thoughts on socialism.  Olga, a frequent commenter around here and a survivor of Soviet-style communal living had this to say last night on a different post:
yes, as of 2345 ET we are officially in the stage of the democracy cycle when the masses vote in only those who dole out of the nation's treasury... very sad... I hoped witnessing the demise of one's home country was a once in a lifetime event... I guess, not...
Jordan lived through it in the Poland of Jaruzelski.  Here's his take on President Obama's policy ideas regarding spreading that old wealth around:
the socialist redistribution came true nowhere - and will not come true in america
Indeed, and the emphasis is mine.  But the idea of something for nothing, especially if you can get someone else to get it for you, is seductive, as you hide behind the fig leaf of "The government is doing it, not me." as you cash the check full of the effort of other people.  Eventually, that just drags us all down, and doesn't lift you up.


The country got what it wanted, Change we have not been told what that change is yet. They voted blindly without knowing the what they voted for. A uneducated population voting blinding leading us down a steep path on a bus with no brakes, over the edge of the abyss of American Politics.

Yes, but no one else will notice, because they're all under the influence of the Messiah.  I just still cannot believe I have to utter the word "Obama" when referring to the leader of our country for the next four years.  I just hope we HAVE a country in four years.
Guys and gals - just as the Left survived Chimpy McBusHitler without actually being herded into the camps... so too, shall we.

And if you let lassittude set in, you *will* get rolled over politically.

Now is the time to man the ramparts.  It's out turn to be in opposition.  Oppose!
As John noted, it's time to suck it up for the next two years (I'm betting 2010 is another Congressional bloodbath).

As I see it, the 'real' Obama will be revealed to be one of three possibles:

Bill Clinton #2 - this is the best case, with the least damage done largely because he isn't that stupid and the necessary checks and balances come from strife within his administration (ok, household)

Jimmeh Carter #2 - this has seemed the most likely.  Still ok, I think, with little bad getting done due to sheer... well whatever inverted super power Carter had.  I think we can make it through this one as well without it getting too messy.

Hugo Chavez - Another charismatic empty suit swept into power on empty promises with shady associations.  This is the bad one and has a strong possiblity of the phrase 'rooftop recalls' being used which is a very bad thing.

Overall I'm hoping that Reid and Pelosi continue their march of futility and manage to avoid doing too much harm before being howled from the halls of power.

In the meantime I'll do my best to retain respect for at least the ideal of the Office(s) and continue my policy of hoping for the best while stockpiling for the worst. 

I urge you all to allow yourself a short period of heartfelt cussing, maybe a bit of controlled distruction (stress relief), and the morbid consolation that it's going to be very hard for the Dems to avoid the blame for whatever comes.

Joe The Plumber for Congress in 2010!

Palin / Jindal 2012!
I'm probably also going to talk to SWWBO about cracking into the investment accounts and perhaps laying in a few more modern bangsticks in anticipation of Carolyn McCarthy getting her wish.
And Winston Churchill said:

If you are under 40 and not Liberal, you have no heart.
But if you are over 40 and a Liberal, you have no brains.

Fear not, I'm over 65 and still have: golf, base, tennis, foot, and volley.

Fishmugger - that brings to mind this bit I saw on NRO today:

It’s kind of like being diagnosed with testicular cancer. You hope to live through the treatment, but you don’t look forward to what you’re about to lose.
Yes, yes, yes. It's not the end of the world. We'll survive. But at what cost?

Germany and Germans survived the Nazis. But at what cost? To themselves and to others?

Here is my comment on SWWBO's blog to Jordan's last statement:

once bitten twice shy...
that's why we, the former soviet block refugees, get more alarmed than the rest of the Americans when we see Obama's supporters and friends and hear Obama's platform.
Plus, after living in the States long enough to become the US Citizens and being eligible to vote, we know how bad the left infiltrated the education system and where the dangers are. People like your friend do not have that insight.
Finally, it is true that the socialist wealth redistribution scheme has not worked anywhere and it won't survive for long in the States either. Unfortunately, it corrupts and destroys the nations well before it is replaced.
olga: i have failed in not having already conveyed this message to you, even though i have been seeing your posts here for awhile.

let this now be my own belated words, just for you...

"Welcome to America!  come on in.  set yourself down and make yourself as comfortable as you wish.  may you have every door flung wide open to you, and may you have sufficient leisure time to remind us of what things look like coming from that other side of the curtain.  thanks for participating in the process."
Thanks, Mike!
I have seen a very drastic change in the people's attitude in the last 15 years... And not for the good... At least in the ones living in NYC, Boston, LA, SF, and now DC and NoVA...
I cannot stand people complaining that they cannot get something due to the 'discrimination'   This is their country, their language, they have a back-up of the families and friends.  We came here with just 26 kg of our wordly possessions and in case of my mother, very little English. No relatives, nothing.  15 years later, I am a practicing attorney who has her own practice (still growing) and her own condo (did not want to get a ARM for a mansion), and even my mother can now go to the English speaking doctors without my help.  This country is fanstastic.  The oppourtinities are literally endless, one just needs to want to achieve and to work hard and take responsibility for one's mistakes...  and not the gov't take out the hard-earned money and give it to somebody else who does not want to move their arses to get what they want or take responsibility for their reckless actions...