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A little Gunner Zen - Bradley-lite.

A little fun in the sun for a sailor, shooting his Bushmaster, just like a Bradley Gunner.  Well, without the TOWs, the personal protection, fancy sights (unless that bulbous thing there behind the gun is feeding a screen on the gun) and the rather large chassis it's all attached to.

11/07/2008 - U.S. Navy Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Michael Finch test fires a 25-mm gun aboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey (CG 61) Nov. 7, 2008, while under way in the Gulf of Oman. (DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class William Weinert/Released)


He looks boored.  Give a Jarhead a toy like that and he'll be leaning into it with a scowl on his face, a cigar clamped between his teeth, and a hard .... well, you know what I mean.  Shure wish we had boom sticks like that when I was on sea duty.  "Prepare to repel boarders, starboard side aft!"  would have sounded a lot better with something other than a fire hose in your hands.
I'm with you, Corporal Mongo.  Put me in that harness, and I'll have nice, big, predator smile spread all over my face.
Might just be a photo op shot where it seems no-one is ever allowed to look like they enjoy their job.

Or he might be concentrating.
Nah, that's the look of "missed it by *that* much".
And I'd take a turn or three in the harness of that bangstick then whine, piss, bitch and moan when it was no longer my turn.
And I'd take a turn or three in the harness of that bangstick then whine, piss, bitch and moan when it was no longer my turn.

And that, Sly, is a *correct* attitude.
I agree with most of these comments, It does look like he really aint into shooting that massive thing.

Id be all geeked out.

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I was whelped right, John, despite the fabrications Bill may try to foist upon you.
If memory is not skippin' my noggin', the chain gun currently used by the Bradley, was originally developed by Oerlikon as their KBA Multipurpose Naval Mount.
I haven't laid eyes on a KBA, so I'm not 100% sure but I would put money on the 2 being totally different.
The KBA is a gas operated cannon derived from the TRW 6025 "Bushmaster" The Hughes/MDHC/Boeing/ATK M242 Bushmaster is electrically powered with the breech bolt and carrier driven back and forth on a track assy by a chain. The KBA fires 600 RPM while the M242 is set up with three rates of fire: single shot, 100RPM and 200 RPM. They can both use the same 25 x 137mm ammo.
He looks like he's vaguely afraid of it -- loud noisy metal thingy nervous.

I'd be hunched into it, trying to push it closer to the target.

Somebody else's turn? %$#@! you -- getcher own gun...
As an old .50 gunner the ergonomics are obviously all wrong: ( maybe not for the Jarhead breech hunch) no way to lean back hanging on the  spades, the poor boy can't see overthe thing.