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Some more Gunner's Zen

This one from Rick vH, a longtime reader, with the following note: Loved the 5'' 54 shot. Here's a pic to equalize the yin-yang.

A M198 sends one downrange, somewhere in Iraq.


does anyone else get peeved by the whole "Rommel goggles" look?

i swear, for some reason that always just chapped my buns.

either wear them, or stow them.  parking them on the front of the k-pot just makes ya look like a tool.

i had one CPT in particular that i would generally abuse for it, and he learned to carry them around in his CVC bag after only three iterations....
It's not a "Rommel's Goggles" look -- it's the ground-pounders' way of simulating the visor on a flight helmet.

Wearing googles or shades on a soft cap is also a handy way of obscuring your employer's logo when you want to be incognito around snoopy photogs...
[Hurriedly stashes the pics of the Armorer as an O/C in the Desert]
Oooooh! The ones of you wearin' the khaki bus driver's hat?
Yeah, with the "50 Mission Crush" and the Rommel Goggles...
Sniff...  I miss the M198, not to mention the smell...  In defense of the googles on the helmet (yeah, mine are there) when you're in the desert you get to frequently put them on as the dust blows through - particularly on the gun line.  I'm not sure where else you're supposed to stow them if you plan on using them as required...  My ruck was usually in the 5 ton when we were doing fire missions.
ah, yes, the solution to not having a ready beastie with a sufficient bustle rack to carry the impedimentia...
This pic really makes you appreciate a bore evacuator, doesn't it?  LOL
Mike -- when you see my post tomorrow, remember I *didn't* know your feelings on the Rommel Look when the pic was taken.

However, I *did* know when I stuck it in the post.

*getting the duct tape for his head ready*

Sorry, Mike, but you're wrong. Where the heck else would a trooper want to put his goggles? They are where they can be used. A nice set of goggles in the CVC doesn't keep dust out of your eyes.
In the same vein, here's an old-school example (in fact, it's one of the ones that Murray had a 'fight' with).
Have we resorted to black powder prop charges these days?  Fired lots of rounds from 75mm to 16 Inch (The Missouri in Korea) & the only time I saw smoke that black was firing salutes with blanks.  Wouldn't want to be waiting for counterfire with that kind of a position signature