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Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Members of a joint service honor guard prepare to raise the flag during the Pentagon Memorial dedication ceremony Sept. 11, 2008. The national memorial is the first to be dedicated to those killed at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. The site contains 184 inscribed memorial units honoring the 59 people aboard American Airlines Flight 77 and the 125 in the building who lost their lives that day. (DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad McNeeley, U.S. Navy/Released)

And a note from one of our allies - Poland.

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From: CJTF101 Exchange Administrator
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 1:33 PM
Subject: 9/11 Polish Letter

Bagram All,

On 11 Sept. when terrorist affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four jet airliners and then intentionally crashed them into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and Shanksville, we saw that all of America was touched by this huge tragedy. "Enemies of freedom" committed an act of war against your country. We saw the United States of America had to face a new challenge, but the attack on your freedom was also the attack on other democratic countries, so we understood that this terror cannot go unpunished.

Today we are together with you in the common operation in Afghanistan, because we remember the morning of 11 Sept. and wounds to your country inflicted by terrorists from a criminal organization. We are not able to accept such a senseless attack, killing thousands of innocent people, because we will never accept terrorism in the World.

We will remember 11 Sept. It changed our generations and our history. We have realized since that tragedy we are in danger, and we have every reason to be fearful. Because we want things to go back to normal we have to be together against people who try to destroy it.

Bagram 11 September 2008

Polish Soldiers
Polish Military Contingent

Dziękują, żołnierze! 

Update: As Matt reminded me - the Poles have been heard from before.



Major Pain was there, escorting his neighbor, whose husband was lost at the Pentagon that day.
I wish I could have been there.