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Argghhh-onauts: Episode Six

In which our hero explores the depth of the English language and discovers his bathyscaphe has sprung a leak...

Oh, no! Has PG-17d been lured to the Dark Side?!?


Heeeyyy - I thought that Cass had the Weiner-dog market cornered!

*Snerk*  Okay, that's pretty funny.  Of course, I'm going to regret laughing later ... I'm sure ;-) 

That's a good one. :-)
Ahhhhhh, the courage of being thousands of miles out of reach.

You can't hide in Iraq forever buddy!
Hey, he can try. 
...and I *am* very trying, at times.
   Distance shouldn't stop you. There are probable even some naval aviators who would give you a round trip ride to Iraq...IF they were cleared to utilized strategic nuclear weapons!

She needs the cute hat and that funny collar thingy sailors wear, Bill. 

You realize you just drew a nekkid girl on the blog, right?

Good thing the PG-17d likes her, or you'd have lost your leg at the knee. 

And when the helk did the "d" model replace the "c"?  Did BCR give us that as a demo model?  Are we being her unwitting beta testers again?  Remember - she did work at the Center of All Evillll in Redmond and picked up all those bad habits.  Or is that a bill that I'm ignoring hoping it will pay itself?

[Looks around - good, no talking pizza boxes...]

Heh.  That last one will confuse the archaeologists.

Yeah, the hat, the neck-nape napkin, the Bahston accent all got lost in transit. Or I just felt like being surreal (what, nobody noticed the barstool's missing in two panels?).

D-model replaced the Mod-C when Jtg used it to plug the leak in the 'Ritamatic. Ummmmm -- that's something else they didn't tell you about, I guess.

I did *not* draw a nekkid girl on the blog. The fur is covering the collar.
Hmmmmmm. Talking pizza boxes...

I did *not* draw a nekkid girl on the blog. The fur is covering the collar.

Ah, she's a long-haired doxy!


heh.  I thought he was "smaht" for an "ahmy" guy.
Thank you, Kat Calhoun...
the PG-17c had an unfortunate run-in with a double-entendre stampede.  Currently making progress in therapy but not ready to resume active duty status.  And my Redmond-variant PTSD just makes me want to rule the world now and then and as a Mad Scientist I hardly notice it.
I believe PG17c fell on someone's gladius after a long discussion about Roman weapons. 
The PG17c fell on my Glads!!!  No wonder they're lying flat on the ground.  And here I thought it was because they were so full of beautiful blooms. 


I'm thinking it's time to get AFSis some spectacles, as she's making a spectacle of herself.
Oh, and Bill.. if Maggie does try to get ahold of you, just remember: Doxie's have short legs and can't run fast, but they bark and bite like hell!
Remember that in Vegas.
That ain't a naked girl, that's a red ripe juicy tomato! Or, well, Maggie.
Oh, and P.s., and Dammit, BCR, how come you didn't make me sharper and wittier when you rebuilt me? These other folks are still way ahead of me.
JTG, I gave you a nice customized defrag and optimization program.  Not *my* fault you never use it.  And you ARE doing the nightly backups, yes?  Spritzing WD-40 behind the ears?  Doing the scheduled maintenance?