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What's in a suit?

Do clothes make the man?  The warrior?  Of course not.  It's what's *in* the suit that matters - but...

Admittedly, the only uniform that truly matters is the combat uniform.

I like the current one, though I understand the troops who are fighting in them still have issues- trust me, they're better than what my father and I fought in.

I'm also a traditionalist.  I still favor the M14.  I wish the NLOS-Cannon had both a better nonmenclature and didn't look like it was made of Legos.  And the last non-combat uniforms the Army had that didn't look silly were "pinks and greens" and khakis.

Who'da thunk it could get *worse*? 


So, now we're going to wear our dress blues as our everyday uniform

Heh, again.

The Sergeant Major of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army have decided.  Almost every Chief makes some tweak to the uniform - the nature of the beast is such that it's about the only change a Chief can initiate and see through to completion during his term.  Can't blame 'em for the frustration inherent in that.

The Stars and Stripes article mentions that it's a hot topic. 


I can't imagine what follows helped any.

I sent a pic of the new "Class B" uniform to my father, the Auld Soldier.  This is what that long-service, two-war veteran had to say:

Micky Mouse feet & bloomers ! My GOD!

For those of you who don't know the Auld Soldier - that was a virtual temper tantrum.  Mind you, the trousers tucked into the boots is an affectation of Airborne/Spec Ops/MPs, the mere mortals wear low quarters.

Here's another combat veteran's take - actually, this is the combined take of a group of combat veterans:

Same consensus here - still trying to catch the Marines, but end up looking like gate guards. GMAFB!!

What d'you guys think?  I would note the Marines haven't made huge changes to their uniforms in decades.  We spent a lot of time in the 80's trying to look like the Air Force.  Then we let it lay for a while, and have more recently been concentrating on the combat uniforms.  Which is a good thing.

But I guess we needed a fresh new look and some Colonel or Sergeant Major needed to justify a Legion of Merit.

Here's my take, and maybe the only one that will attract attention (hell it's hard to hear now from all the not-so-muffled laughter coming from the Marines - who undoubtedly *support* this change):

Oh, good, golly gee - we look like a JROTC Drill Team!

The guy on the left, a right good warrior judging by his merit badges, looks like he's on a JROTC drill team.  Or, perhaps he drives an ice cream truck.

Or carries pepper spray at the mall. 

I don't know what it's going to take to get them off the bus to Abilene, but gosh I hope something does!


I dunno about th rest of it, but the guy who came up with the idea of using Velcro for closing the various opening on what we used to call "utilities" or "fatigues" needs to be wrapped in the stuff and set on fire.
Good gracious.  It looks like the navy with silly boots to me.
You don't know how good you have it.  The proposed new Air Force dress uniform is the usual Air Force blue, cut exactly like the Marine dress blues with piping and a blood stripe.

At least the Army is trying to retain some distinctions...

(just plain aaarrgghhhh!!!)

(throw in more exclamation points)
Heh. Except for the black epaulet tabs, it looks *exactly* like the USAF gate guards at McGuire before they went to cammies -- and I mean *EXACTLY*!!!

Guys, we got out just in time.
 I liked the old khakis, they looked good, were easy to wear, supported your badges and ribbons, and I always bloused my boots because I was Airborne. 

By the way, when you blouse your boots, make sure your pants legs are even and you are not you are not out of shape. I am 46 years old, an ER nurse, and I look to be in better shape than that Army "model."

White shirts and rifles? Can anyone say breakfree, grease, and right shoulder arms?
I am ambarrassed for the Army and every soldier that has to wear those god awful things.  Even the Air Force is going to look tougher, though they still look like mailmen.  They should show a sense of tradition and go back to the pinks and greens.  At least they would look like warriors again. 

As I am at work (and a former Marine) I am restraining my laughter (on the inside I'm LMAO).
...the guy who came up with the idea of using Velcro for closing the various openings...needs to be wrapped in the stuff and set on fire.

Yeah, still another example of not asking the guys who actually *used* velcro closures on their combat wear -- us aviators.

After twenty or so wash and dry cycles, the threads holding the hook 'n' pile fray apart due to uneven shrink rates between the velcro and the fabric. Which is convenient, because by that time, the hooks no longer adhere to the pile and both chunks have to be replaced.

Don't even ask how *loud* the rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiipppppp is when you're trying to be quiet and a branch grabs it...
Where's the food court?



So much for morale....
Could I have two scoops? One with Pralines and Cream, and the other with Butter Pecans; Oh and don't forget the Jimmies on top.
I guess I'll be the contrarian around here. I absolutely hated the Army Green Uniform. I'd wear my Blues at the slightest pretext. I'm not thrilled with the Army Blue as a Class B, but it looks better than the puke green shirt now. The full up Class A Blues? Love 'em.

I'd love to see Khakis or Pinks and Greens come back. But it ain't gonna happen. The idea is to reduce the total number of uniforms.
Brad's comment brings up the dichotomy that underlies the decision.

No one really likes the greens. 

To my taste, the blues are just the greens in a different color and material - with spiffy (if somewhat impractical for daily wear) shoulder boards, colored cuff rings, and the stripe down the trouser leg - now for everyone, not just officers.  Put a belt on 'em...

I'd still rather wear the greens than blues, because well, frankly, I think it's too gaudy for a day to day uniform, and our intrepid NCO in the picture looks like the very model of a modern major general - and that's not a compliment.

I always preferred the Mess Dress if I was going to go dressy - and in fact wore those more often than blues, because we rarely do anything formal before 5PM in the service these days anyway.  I probably wore my blues three times on active duty, and my mess dress on average twice a year.

I don't mind contracting the uniform count.

I just think this choice makes us look silly.

There aren't that many jobs any more where people routinely wear Class Bs - at least not where I served.

But I'd be embarrassed to be seen in public in this uniform.  Which means I would only wear it when I absolutely couldn't avoid it.

Personally, I like the new blues with the white shirt, and really don't see why greens and blues were needed in the first place.  I've never been a fan of the light green shirt worn with the greens, so I'm glad they nixt the grey shirt with the blues.  I don't like the pants tucked in though- that looks silly.
Gen. Peter Schoomaker, then Army chief of staff, said he wanted to streamline the number of uniforms soldiers purchase and maintain throughout their career.

So he picks the more expensive (and bigger PITA) one of the two? Brilliant.

Oh, and the velcro on the ACUs? Biggest pain in the @$$ ever. Not only for the reasons BillT listed above but also for the fact that, before the stuff does up and die, it anihilates everything it's ever washed with or comes into contact with.

Now I'm not a fan of the greens either and I happen to think that MacGyver looks mighty fine in his blues. But wearing that monkey suit on a regular basis (thank God he won't have to! Yet another reason to be thankful for aviation) is like wearing a tuxedo to work at Dairy Queen. Which is exactly where goofy boy on the left appears to work.

Well, Class B in the Army Green with all the doodads and whatnot looked pretty silly guady as well.

The only decent Class B uniform the Army ever had was the Khakis. I'd love to see them make a comeback.

I was lucky as a recruiter that I got quite a few opportunities to wear Blues. Many times when Class A would have been appropriate, I switched to Blues. The chain of command didn't complain.

And yeah, I liked to wear mess-kit as well. Not a heck of a lot of junior NCOs had it, but I bought a set used from a guy getting out. The most expensive part was getting the mini-medals mounted.

  My son graduates from basic today. he was issued his new "Class B" uniform(s), and told that he was expected to wear them on his 36 hour pass if he leaves the base.  He called and asked me if I could FedEx him a couple polo shirts and a pair of slacks.  I told him that for the cost, he could just buy some at the PX.  He and the rest of his company absolutely LOATH the new Class B's, and when they were first given them, thought it was a joke.  They are pretty damned pissed about this situation, and are definately NOT happy campers.

   I can't say that I blame them. I'd be embarrassed as all get out if that was my uniform.  They look as bad as those Presidential Guard uniforms that Nixon tried to get issued.  Seriously. They look like they belong on a Job Corps drill team.



  If you want a REALLY nice set of blues for a Class-B uniform, I would suggest this one:

   Pretty nice looking, comfortable, and functional. I've worn it, and I like it a lot.


Hey, fashion, a subject I know something about!  Heh.

Am I the only one who's not keen on the beret?  I really like the old-style hat (I don't know what you call it, the one on the right).  Always have, always will.  Neither of the uniforms looks comfortable, and that's always my number one priority.

Not that I've had much experience with uniforms, except for high school marching band, but I sure hated them then.
Well, the soldier name for that hat is a Rulez Breaker.  The official name for that hat is the Garrison Cap.  Which is funny - because during my time, it was mostly authorized for wear when you were in travel status (being much easier to deal with) - in garrison, you were supposed to wear the... Overseas Cap., also known as the saucer cap.  


I agree, actually, on the beret.  Many heads were not meant to wear a beret.  I look pretty good in one, but punkinhaids are among those that do. 
April, in the Air Force that cap was known officially as a Flight Cap.  Unofficially, well, you don't want to know, and I don't want to tell ya.
Yeah, the Garrison Cap and Overseas Cap switched identities in the 70's, probably because someone switched pix in the Big Book Of Uniforms (And How To Wear Them) and nobody called them on it.

Kinda how Standard Operating Procedures became Standing Operating Procedures.

For about two months in the mid-nineties, the Army insisted that FARs -- Federal Aviation Regulations -- stood for Flying Aircraft Regulations (because that's how they were listed in several TM changes), until Foat Useless was inundated with memos explaining why everybody else in the Armed Forces considered them illiterate nincompoops.
Count me amongst the "I don't like the beret" crowd, and I especially don't like it with Blues. 
Keep in mind that under normal circumstances, most people will be wearing their ACU's to work, not their Blues. 
Keep in mind under normal circumstances right now...

But enter a prolonged period of peace...  no, you're right.  As I said in one of my comments - it will stay that way because so many of us will be embarrassed to be seen in that rig.
Why does the Mall Ninja have patches on his belly? ( A fine grand belly is is though, worthy of decoration)
   The items in question are actually on his shirt pockets below the flaps. That is where the Apple (Drill Sergeant Badge), Jungle Operations Training Center (JOTC), and aide badges go.
   I have JOTC and Drill Sergeant Badges, so AR 670-1 might agree with me.  ;)

(Former SGT Briley, 82nd Airborne Division and 80th Infantry Division)
Umm..why does the example have bloused trou and general issue beret?  Couldn't they rustle up a maroon, tan or green one for the pic?

Couldn't they find a SSgt somewhere that looked as if he had maxed the AFT?

Couldn't the Marines find a real person wearing their uni?
MD- don't blame the Marines, I hunted that pic up, and today *is* a workday, so wageslavery did take some precedence.

Your beret question is a good one.  There are two badges on his right pocket (left to us).  He's got the Drill Sergeant and Recruiter badge on, I can't ID the third one.
Heh. Speaking of the crew-served hat -- I thought the patch wuz s'posed to be "centered over the left eye," not centered over the right side of the left eyebrow.

I've got one of the original "How To Wear the Beret" pamphlets. The pix illustrating the proper wear were gooned-up 'way back *then*, too...

The Texas A&M bands actually still wear pinks and greens, exactly. Speaking of band nerdery and silly hats, why not go all the way and have shakos? You can keep a little flask, paperback book, etc. up in there. I'm trying to imagine an Armorer-sized shako.
I'm trying to imagine an Armorer-sized shako.

Closest I could get to that was visualizing a seated Kodiak bear from the rear...

Closest I could get to that was visualizing a seated Kodiak bear from the rear...

...with a 35 gallon garbage can on his head.

   Wouldn't this be a better choice for the Artillery?

    Talk about a sharp-dressed cannon cocker  :)

Linky no worky, TIM
huh... it works on mine....  it's to the US Light Artillery Uniform from the 1858 regulations. Saxon blue trousers, mounted services jacket with red trim and Ringold Shako with red plume and cordage. Pretty spiffy get up, if'n you ask me...  :)

Shakos have garbage cans on 'em?

Wow. Who'd a-thunk it....
Red plume, huh? Dang, I still have the red plume, still in cardboard tube, from my high school band shako. Forgot to turn it in, and they changed the uniforms to something silly and non-military the next year, anyway. One had to keep stuff in the shako; there were no pockets in the very tall trousers and very short coatee. (with crossbelts!) If it's going to be silly, I want militarily traditionally kewl-lookin' silly, not stupid modern butt-ugly silly. lets you look at all of the color drawings.
I love my dress blues. In the past three years since I bought them, I've worn my blues five or six times, and worn my Class A's twice, and that was for our December Class A inspections. I do NOT like the new Class B's. The best thing about the change over: I get to keep my big stripes until 2014.
USN Officers's Summer Dress Whites. (AKA Sword and Choker) Ain't that one of the coolest and manliest uniforms ever devised by men, for men? Has it not stayed pretty much the same for a hundred years? Does it not, to this day, cause moistness in the panties of women who are capable of appreciating the kind of guys who are allowed to wear such? Maggie? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! A military dress uniform should invoke the thought in a male person, "Gee, I wanna imitate that guy!" In a female person, it should inspire the thought, "Gee, I wanna bear that guy's heirs
All silliness aside, the War between the States has been over for a very long time, so I think it's OK for our soldiers to wear less-than-dress uniforms in traditional blue shades. Please, though, let them not be silly-looking! The first reaction of foreigners, or Congressmen, or even ordinary Americans should not be giggling upon seeing our soldiers all dressed up. It really is serious. The more serious you look, the more seriously you will be taken. Every little bit helps.
 Sorry, but that "uniform" looks like it was made by Mattel for a kid's Halloween outfit!
That class B uniform is beyond sad.  Fortunately, I will certainly be able to avoid wearing it.  I will wear my blues as needed, and the "jammie sleepers" with the velcro noise makers at all other times.  And technically, unless the "model" is an MP, he needs a different colored beret (another abomination in Army uniform history) to wear bloused boots.

Most assuredly, "Pinks and Greens" have been the best uniform that the US Army has fielded in the last 100 years.  I can still remember seeing my dad's unused ones in the closet for years after the AF switched to blues.

Are the SMA and CSA (and their uniform "advisors") partaking of recreational phamaceuticals?  This is just nookin futs.