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Speaking Our Favorite Saddleback Moments

Following Kat's lead of looking at responses to Pastor Rick Warren's questions........

This is my favorite
Warren: What's the most gut-wrenching decision you've ever had to make and how did you process that, come to that decision?
Obama: Well, you know, I think the opposition to the war in Iraq was as tough a decision that I’ve had to make not only because there were political consequences but also because Saddam Hussein was a bad person and there was no doubt that he meant America ill, but I was firmly convinced at the time that we did not have strong evidence of weapons of mass destruction and there were a lot of questions that as I spoke to experts kept on coming up, do we know how the Shiites and the Sunnis and the Kurds are going to get along in a post Saddam situation, what's our assessment as to how this will affect the battle against terrorist like al-Qaeda, have we finished the job in Afghanistan so I agonized over that and I think questions of war and peace generally are so profound you know when you meet the troops, they are 19, 20, 21-year old kids and you are putting them into harm's way there is a solemn obligation that you do everything you can to get that decision right. And now as the war went forward, very difficult about how long do you keep funding the war if you strongly believe that it's not America’s national interest at the same time you don't want to have troops who are out there without the equipment they need. So that all those questions surrounding the war have been very difficult for me.'s is my question (I know there are some who think I am using this as an excuse to hold up my Bad Boyfriend in a favorable light because his answer was so wayyyyyyy bettah, but no, I am just discussing Obama's answer):

Shouldn't your most gut-wrenching decision be one that had a &%$^*ing consequence?

What was the fallout to Obama's agonizing decision making process?

Perhaps Obama's staff could remind him that at the time that OIF commenced, he was still in the Illinois legislature and not the US Senate.

Not to be overly dramatic (although it is my specialty), this?  This THIS is your "Garden of Olives" moment, sir?

BHO, proving once again that he has no grasp on the word "responsibility".



The reference would be lost on Obie -- he'd think you meant "The Olive Garden" and call a lunch break...
Hence the link.  Here in the good ole USofA we can click on the link and a nifty YouTube video from "The Passion of the Christ" pops up.  So anyone in doubt as to my reference can watch it for a few moments and see AGONY and think "Oh, that's what she means."

You on the other hand have to - read - Shake keyboard upside down to get rid of some of the sand blocking the keys - scroll - read - click on comments - shake - type.............

You see where this is going, don't you baby?  You are deprived and not just because I am not there.

BTW, I appreciate you taking a moment from your Fuzzy-spooling in the H&I Fires to come down here and pay attention to me.
BTW, I appreciate you taking a moment from your Fuzzy-spooling in the H&I Fires to come down here and pay attention to me.

ROLFMAO!  This is all just too much fun.  :D

It took forever to get *down* here -- Fuzzy kept commenting faster than I could scroll and I kept getting bounced back to Day-By-Day.

BTW, Jean-Fraude Kerry is running out his "I was in Vietnam" plank for the re-election campaign -- I *know* you'll have fun with that...
I am surrounded here!  Governor Patrick, Senator Kerry, Senator Kennedy and a sea of Obama stickers....................take me away to the desert like Sean Connery took Candice Bergen.
I am surrounded here! Governor Patrick, Senator Kerry, Senator Kennedy and a sea of Obama stickers ....

And here I am in Denver, the week before the Democratic National Convention, at a conference for mental and behavioral health care providers who are overwhelmingly Dem supporters .... LOL

Obama stickers and buttons EVERYWHERE!


Frank - are you going to take the tour the Denver police are offering of the detention facility?  the Code Pink women are crying that it looks like a dog pound.........if I wanted to be catty...........LOL

Frank - I hereby accredit you as a Castle Argghhh! correspondent.  Go, visit, take pictures, report!
And don't forget to use Lysol if you have to shake hands with anybody...
Yes, please.  Pictures.  we have to have some fun
Maggie,  oh so subtle ... not!  LOL

John,  fortunately, I'll be leaving this Friday before the activities really get cranking here, and I'll be tied up in meetings most of the days, but I'll see if I can venture out to get some photos of the Pepsi Center's exterior.

They're having a public open house where people can tour the inside, but they've already reached capacity on the tours and no one else will be able to get in.
...but they've already reached capacity on the tours and no one else will be able to get in.

Kinda like visiting the zoo before the animals get there, isn;t it?

Just walking down the 16th Street Mall is kinda like a zoo.  LOL
It's sad when you're better off heading out to the People's Republic of Boulder rather than staying in Denver. I hope the mental health professionals at the conference stick around to help the citizens of Denver once the Dems leave. They'll need it.

Maggie ~ Obie's never made a decision in which he actually had to *face* consequences.
sheesh- I'll be there all day Tuesday the 26th, taking pics and experiencing the people show. I'd be glad to forward the pics etc if we can agree on contract terms- I want half of the daily dues paid by the Denizens and that is *not* negotiable!
Chopped Liver, I Guess - Don't you want to know *how* we pay our dues before you ask for half?
Mags... I've seen pics of the Armorer. I can't imagine the method of payment is in any way erotic or stimulating... but in *your* case, I can dream...
Your credential is in the mail - and I'll double your requested pay!

And I'll ignore all that snarkage...
DOUBLE PAY!!!! Bwaaahaahaaa! They always crack in the end...
Um... wait.... (counts slowly on fingers) uh, carry the zero, add the zero and then multiply by zero...
We are a truly democratic blog.  Everyone works for peanuts around here. LOL
Peanuts?  Hardly!

I regret that I am not at liberty to discuss the matter further.  The whole non-disclosure agreement the Armorer has Denizennes sign and all.  You understand, I'm sure.
Hold up.  This ain't no union shop and I actually had to trade WORK for posting privileges.  I'm still trying to figure out how that works. 
I imagine it must've been a pretty tough job trying to keep a straight face during the rooster wrangling...
He wouldn't let me go get my camera or you would have had the lord and lady of Arrggh wrangling roosters, too.
It's good to be the King.