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Natural Selection at Work - Watch more free videos

From Ace of Spades, where  the comments are not to be missed.  Well, unless your a sour old stick-in-the-mud with gout.  :D

And as long as we're on a humor kick, this one's pretty good, too.


Um, what's yer point, he asked grumpily?

Awww, you know you read 'em. :P


  Damn.. Yet another secret male right of passage uncovered. 
Yeah, but  when *we* were kids, we had to use leftover V-2s...
He got hit in the balls because he instantly went into that reflex posture. Hands to the groin, knees together, torso down, face uplifted and facing forward.

And the fact that you saw the bottle pass through his legs, but usually people don't notice that except in replay, slow replay at that.

Gotta love injury, for the human body will respond to it 100% the same way across the spectrum of individual body types and quirks.

Get a different response? Then you hit a different target than the one you were aiming for.

Hit the solar plexus or stomach and the response is different. The sound is different too.
That was in response to some comments over at Ace's that said it didn't look like he got hit in the groin.

Zose were akchully A-4s, Chief... undt NOT spielzeugen!! Oy gevalt...
This is almost a complete science course.  Physics, hydrodynamics, Darwin's theory.  You can see him doubling over in glee and crying out for joy in his newfound understanding.  It's altogether a Newtonesque science makes itself known moment.

The article in comments is bad... this is my home state.

Zose were akchully A-4s, Chief.

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