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Going Off to War

Sgt. B is mobilizing with the National Guard.  Let's send him off in style.

Luv ya, big brother.

UPDATE: For new visitors/residents of the Castle...  Sgt. B used to be a daily commenter, stirring things up and leading the charge in comment parties.  He's been less visible lately, but stayed in touch behind the scenes.  A former Marine (got out in the '90s), he joined the national guard two years ago with an eye to seeing how fast he could get himself deployed. So far, he's doing a pretty good job of reaching that goal.


I think all the Denizennes that are going to Vegas should have a group photo taken for 'Zilla.
Great idea!

Wait  a sec... I worry about what your devious mind is up too... :P
Go with the purple pants suit in the group shot...
LOL!  Bill, are you part terrier, or something?
Go with the purple pants suit in the group shot...

Why in Heaven's name would Princess Crabby's Grand Vizier want us all dressed like Hillary Clinton!!!!

Now if you want to ask Vanna for two vowels..........
Why in Heaven's name would Princess Crabby's Grand Vizier want us all dressed like Hillary Clinton!!!!

This is what I meant about him being a terrier.  In December 2005 I was invited to go to DC to meet the Under Secretary of the VA and spend the day at one of the VA's new Polytrauma facilities.  I wore very nice a purple pantsuit (it had an almost knee-length jacket, not like the ones Hillary wears), and it got very complimentary comments from the gentlemen accompanying us from the Military Order of the Purple Heart, which I mentioned in blogging.  I promised Bill a copy of the formal pictures that were taken with the undersecretary, but I never received the pics, which Bill occasionally compains about.  It's kinda scary that he still remembers.  :P

It's kinda scary that he still remembers.

Why? What fun would it be if you had to explain something to me over and over and over -- say, f'r example, that you never got the official pict

Ummmmm. Never mind.


(that's the sound of WK panties on their way to Iraq)

Ummm -- anybody I know inside 'em?
Clearly WK is a big Wheel of Fortune fan....she knew just which two vowels turned pants into something 'Zilla would want.
They'll have to pass directly overhead of Kirkuk before they get to Baghdad for distribution.

If they have a passenger, she can bail out and guide on the rocket that just went off outside.
Huh.  Those fundie Islam folks probably got wind of your impending panty delivery and were genuinely. cutlurally disturbed...

...that they were still looking at magazines while you got the real thing.
"Ummm -- anybody I know inside 'em?"

Funny... coming from someone with a pair of "Hello Kitty" panties.  heh.
They're on the flagpole.

...which may have something to do with the %$#@! rockets.
 Damn critics!

Ladies panties.

Bait, the world over....
Sgt. B is not in an internet friendly place, but has been advised of the comments, and appreciates the magnificent send-off!  He is headed to Ft. McCoy in the wee hours.  He is packing extra 20mm anti-aircraft ammo to deal with the Wisconsin mosquitos.........

And don't worry ladies, he has been given his basic issue but welcomes any supplemental RFI.  (grin) I have his address at McCoy!

Way to go, Phoenix!  Keep that boy in panties!

oh... that sounds bad.
Like, you're really concerned about that, huh?
(Reading comments, shaking head, thinking we're gonna have too much fun in Vegas)
'Zilla in panties.

<moves mouse cursor towards Photoshop button>

Radio France International????
Sgt B (from remote site) - dreading going with the 'zilla-in-panties theme, but if Balud is as lonely as seems indicated must find NSN for 55-gallon drum of mascara and blush - why go halfway........  (But really hoping don't have to take that route)

Ft. McCoy and their chocolate milk in the chow hall gets a big thumbs up!

RFI = Ready for Issue

BZ, SpokanePhoenix!  I know we don't need to tell you to keep 'Zilla happy.  I'm sure it's effortless for you.

Mrs.G - Don't worry, you will be in on all our wouldn't be fun without you!