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Today is somebody's natal anniversary!

Most notably, longtime Denizenne and chandelier-swinger, Fuzzybear Lioness, seen here in a rare photograph:

Fuzzybear Lioness...BTW, I've been cleared to publish a pic by the Guardian Angel Corps, of a pic taken of Fuzzybee by a special camera - the one that can *see* your GA/spirit avatar... and from which the pic at left was taken.

It is a tradition amongst the Denizen/nes to go shopping on the InnerTubes and bring back appropriate (and inappropriate) gifts for those who's contributions and stamina to hang out here earn them the title, Denizen/ne of Argghhh!

So here, Fuzzybee, this thong's for you!

Fuzzy is best known for high-class swinging in custom-made chandeliers  (courtesy BCR Labs) with the likes of AFSis, Princess Crabby, and Brab.

But what Fuzzy does best is exemplified here at  Project Valour-IT, a project of Soldier's Angels that provides voice-activated laptops for wounded warriors who are unable or have difficulties with computers in ways that you and I take for granted.

Truly, while Milblogger Chuck Z might have had the original idea after he was wounded by an IED in Iraq, it was Fuzzy who took that idea and built it into what it is.  Sure, many of us helped, but Fuzzybee was the linchpin (and really polite nagging scold, which you have to be, in the charity biz) who made it happen.

Without Fuzzy, there would not have been this.


I'll bet that you'll play a mean set of "chopsticks" with THIS little baby.   Happy B-Day Fuzz.

You'll look maahvellous in this while swinging from the chandelier in the most glamorous joint in town tonight.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy, belated, Birthday, Fbl.

I can't write "Fuzzy" bears without giggling, sorry.
Btw, John, please don't kill the cute kitty up there.
I could have lived the remainder of my life and NOT seen that image and died a happy man. Happy Birthday Fuzzy Bear..and many many many many many many many more.
That's what you get for clicking on John's links when he mentions "thong", and it ain't the "theme song", either.
Happy Birthday Fuzzy :)  I'd add a pic but PG17c is glaring at me again.  Thanks on behalf of all of us for helping to get that fantastic project off the ground.
Happy birthday!

<a href="">Happy Birthday Fuzzybear</a>

You all sing along now.

So, Happy Birthday Youngster. (I'm a couple weeks younger than John of Argghhh!)
Heh.  Now THAT was a thong!
Thanks for presents and wishes, everyone.  They really made me smile (and blush, in some cases!).

John, shame on you!  I fully expected a thong, but not a gleaming white butt like that!  Too weird.  And I'm not even gonna ask HOW you found that...

Boq, that is so cool!  And the Naval Academy organ, even!  :D

MaryAnn, I LOOOOOOVE that dress!!  Seriously, where did you find it?

Ymarsakar, I'm afraid to ask...

Me too, cb.  Soooo not my style.  LOL!

Argent, you worry me, too.  I can't even imagine what you'd post with the inspiration John gave you above.  :D

Thanks, HFS!

Thomas, that was very cool.
And thank you also for all the nice things you guys said about me.  Notice that I've given up arguing with you.  :P

Ymarsakar, I'm afraid to ask...

I'm never afraid to ask, so you shouldn't be either, heh.

Naval Academy Organ [PG17c leaps and closes the laptop key boa...]
John, can I help it that I am steeped in a noble and glorious musical tradition and would naturally use such phrasing to talk of it... and you're just a dirty old man?  :P
8^ ) Guilty.
MaryAnn, I LOOOOOOVE that dress!!  Seriously, where did you find it?
I simply googled "glamorous feline evening gown" ;-)
For curiosity's sake, what were you afraid to ask, Fbl?