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Just for fun.

These things have several things in common - (the items in the foreground, for you smarty-pants types).   Name 'em, and let's see whose first toget the thing about them that caused me to procure 'em for the Armory...

Extra geek points if you ID the items.  Pictures are below the fold.


Spigot mortar and carbide cannon both fired by acetylene?

Eagle 1

Really effective paperweights. Not practical, but really, really effective.
You must have a lot of paper, Bill. Maybe a mountain of it?
Eagle - I like your thinking.  It's wrong, but it's clever.

Bill - pllppppttttt!  And the second wouldn't be that effective, the wheels roll.  The first one - yeah, baby!  Heck, heat it up, and you could iron it.

Both are fully functional, btw.
Erm, that should be "iron with it."
They're all models. 
Nope.  Not in the sense you mean it, anyway.
These wouldn't happen to be bore drills for cannon, would they, John?
The second one sure looks like a pretty good model of a First War heavy gun. The first one looks First War-ish, too.
Models as in "functional and hand made"
They both shoot the same blank cartridge.
Is that pine apple thing in the top picture, next to the barrel, a cluster bomb?
A spigot-mortar and a model of a German/Austrian howitzer (my Hoggs are in a box somewhere).... both designed and employed to mutilate and murderize the PBI of the Great War via indirect fire.
Are you wanting something more precise than "spigot" mortar for the top one?  Isn't this a Granatenwerfer 16 or "Priest" mortar?

Ymar - no, that's a bomb for the spigot mortar.

Neffi, true enough - but not what I'm after.

Of course, I'd have been *shocked* well and truly, if you'd gotten what tickles me about them.

That said - y'all are doing well in your analysis.

The top one is a Granatenwerfer 16 or "Priest" mortar.
John, did you add them to your collection because of a WW1 / 1916 / Battle of the Sommes connection?
ummm.... both made by Krupps...?
Neffi!  Well done, sir!  Not the exact connection, but it is exactly the *type* of connection. 

I have answered the question here.  And you even got mentioned, Frank!
Aw shucks.  LOL  Thanks, John!