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Taking down Barney.

Two Denizenne's of Argghhh! went shooting recently, resulting in the timely demise of this paragon of evil...

So sorry, Barney.

Well, there were obviously *some* problems here. So, use this GTA (milspeak for Graphical Training Aid) to help Brab out.

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If that one is too hard for you to read, click here.

And, if she's left-handed... that would be this GTA.

I'm sure she'll tell us she was aiming for the bowtie.


Heh, MH and I recently did something like this with the emptied shell of a SpongeBob pinata. I consider it *therapy* for the times I had to listen to the show while SWHNOB watched it on TV. *Off to see where to buy those Barney targets* 0>;~}
Gawd, how I despise Barney! Thanks for putting one in his forehead for me. LOL 1,327,044 hours of his show are ENOUGH!
It was a pleasure doing the little beast in. And I never said I was aiming for the bowtie ;-)
I never realized Bill Gates wore a bow tie...
Running an Engineer familiarization for ROTC summer bummer at Ft Lewis a few years ago, we would sit a 14" Barney doll on top of a quarter-pound block of TNT to simulate an anti-personnel mine. As the ROTC students sang "THAT F****ING SONG", we would touch off the block and enjoy watching Barney disappear in a vortex of purple, green, and white fleece. Ah, those memories... Hunter (tearfully)
When I read the title, I thought you were speaking of the President's dog and, for a moment, I worried that Cass was going to have a coronary.
I would never speak ill of the First Dog. I've met him, and he is, bar none, the most honest and forthright resident of the place. Plus, he's just a happy puppy. Ummmmm. Happy Puppy! If there is one thing I dislike about business travel... it's leaving SWWBO and the furry ones behind.
Obviously the Adjutant has not trained her fingers by playing a woodwind instrument, when a small child. I really do seem to be a better shot with a handgun than other folks who exercise with one as infrequently as do I. I think it has to do with moving only one finger at a time, while holding the rest of them still. Bandsman, at the right of the line....
BRAB wasn't aiming for the bow-tie. She just wanted to blast that irritating voice box of his. Silence is heavenly.
Interesting theory, JTG. I played piano, violin and cello - of which only the piano exercises the fingers of the right hand individually (as I'm right handed). Hmmmm. My bigger problem is being right-handed and left-eye dominant.
Hey! Why isn't there any flash game 2 really kill Barney? We h8s him!11!!!!1 thx
ok i have 2 tell ya, it hasnt been splinter, im sry 4 him.... cya!