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Operation Fresh Air 2008

When military wives and their friends put their heads together... things happen. Good things. For the troops and their families. In this case, wounded troops and their families in the DC area.

Like Operation Fresh Air I and II, in 2007. And just this past Sunday, Operation Fresh Air I, 2008. The Castle made a donation for this effort last year... and we're pleased to note that so efficient are Carrie, Cassandra, Lisa-in-DC, et. al., that there was sufficient money left over from last year to make this year happen.

Cassandra and her fellow do-gooders (and I mean that in the best way) have a little something else up their sleeve:

Lisa did a great job of covering OFA I and II in 2007. Since that time, we've been busy little bees. Carrie, Cyndi, MaryAnn from Soldiers Angels Germany and I are starting a non-profit organization called Honor Their Service. Our goal is to improve the lives of wounded vets and their families and to make sure that all military veterans know their service and sacrifices have not been forgotten. Part of that mission includes outings like Operation Fresh Air, but we plan to expand our activities to meet other needs in the military community. We're just getting started now, so we're very excited about the future.

Many thanks to Lisa and Soldiers Angels and to the Friends of Leesylvania State Park. We believe there is great potential in getting military and military-friendly charities to work together. We can do so much more together than any of us can accomplish alone. I hope to talk more about this in the coming months. For now, I just feel incredibly privileged to be able to work with such energetic and caring ladies.

This is the Spirit of America - and it's this kind of solidarity and helping each other out that makes military service worth the annoyances and sacrifices.

Well done, ladies. You are all treasures.


Thank you for your kind words and your support of OFA. Wish you could have made it on Sunday. I think you would have had alot of fun.
You are the best! Thanks so much for the link :) I didn't do much on this one - all the credit goes to Carrie, Cyndi and the rest of the ladies. They are the brains and the brawn (though one hesitates to use the word 'brawn' with chicas tan hermosas). Let's just say they did all the heavy lifting :p I just stand around running my yap ... heh. Gotta stick with your core competencies, I always say.
Knowing most of the OFA ladies personally, I have to agree: Absolute Treasures.