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Calling for Prayers and Positive Thoughts

Sarah is the kind of wife a good warfighter dreams of having waiting for him back home--strong, loyal, responsible, flexible, loving and unspeakably proud of her husband and the profession he has chosen... A warrior wife.

Less than a year ago, far later than what they had planned for, she was finally pregnant. She lost the baby at about six weeks, though she didn't know until later.

Just over a week ago, her husband deployed to Iraq. Last weekend, she found out she was pregnant again. It wasn't part of their plan, but they rejoiced across the miles.

The other day, she got some very bad news [three separate links].

Yesterday, it got worse.

Love, prayers, good thoughts... whatever you've got, please send it out on her behalf. Even strong and independent warrior wives need help at times.


Of course we'll hit up the pertenant PTB on this, Fuzzy. But, and I don't feel comfortable saying this at her site but you might be able to in time work this in sotto voce, having had two sisters go thru this sometimes it is for the best. My oldest sister took all the drugs possible and six months of bedrest to keep a pregnancy that didn't want to. THe result: a kid who suffers tremendously from a, literal, hole in his heart and ears; mental retardation; is unable to speak intelligbly; has severe mood control problems; will always have to be supervised for the rest of his life while understanding and enjoying so little of it. I've watched that kid suffer from day one, and, you know, maybe it wasn't worth it. I love my nephew, but, damn, I can't say satisfying my sister's want for a child was worth what he has to live with for her to get it. It might be for the best. sad, but true. On the other hand, the younger of my two older sisters did the same and has a perfectly normal daughter. Best be: stay calm and don't surrender to the hormones, trust the docs because they've got the detached objectivity necessary to make smart decisions, and believe in The Plan. He knows better than we. But, yeah, hitting up the Lord and His Host is getting done.
Ry, thanks for the perspective. Of course a healthy baby is the definite goal, no matter how long it takes us to get there. And I know that pregnancies that end early end for a reason. Thanks to everyone here who's thinking of us...
Oh Sarah..... I am so, so sorry. Been there, done that a couple of times myself. It never gets easier. Time goes by, but it never gets easier from one time to the next. You and your dear, dear husband are in my thoughts and prayers. You've got an incredible circle of 'net friends to lean on, and being a military wife, you're made of some strong stuff, but this is going to be hard. It's ok to withdraw, to mourn, to be angry and sad all at the same time. Things do happen for a reason, even though we may never know that reason. It could be, like Ry said, the baby just wasn't forming correctly. Maybe God has other plans, like waiting until your husband can be by your side to enjoy the entire pregnancy. We don't know, but we do know how wonderful you are, and how much you are liked and loved all over this world. Hugs, prayers and thoughts inbound.
Sarah, damn, I was trying to not have that pushed on you right now. I'm not a total callous slob after all. I was hoping Fuzz could drop it in at a more appropriate time in a more tactful manner. She's better at it than me. Sorry, I was really hoping to keep you from seeing that right now. Not what you need to hear. But what do I expect for a public square? Sometimes I'm a total idiot instead of just mostly. Sorry. But, yeah. My oldest sister's husband(AFSis can tell you how useful he is, should've killed him when I had the chance) wasn't there either. Best bet is to stay calm, Sarah. Keep your head, homegirl. Staying calm is best for you and the baby at this point. Hard. Real hard. I've been there for both my sisters, and I have an idea of what it looks like from the male side. So just hang in there. don't get into the nightmare scenarios. It isn't healthy. BUt, yeah, you got friends out this way asking for favors. Big Ones.
Ry, no apology needed at all. We don't know each other, but others might vouch for the fact that I'm pretty matter-of-fact anyway. You don't need to sugarcoat it for me :) We're still hoping for the best, bracing for the worst. Either way, I always take comfort in knowing that people have lived through far worse hardships than we've ever known and come out on top. We will too.
Sarah, you're an Army wife. Which means yer tough, but can always use the help. I'll ask for the help. The only thing stronger than the soldiers are the ones who wait for them to return. People just don't get that, sometimes. But having been a waiter, and having caused someone to wait - I know you are up to this, and your soldier... well, he's going to be tough, too. Whatever we can do, you have but to ask - and I say that only because I've discovered I can't mind read worth a damn. Especially after 3 Castle 'ritas.
Sarah, You are in my and my wife's prayers. I can't tell you why these things happen, just that they do. I hope and pray your wishes are answered, and I thank God that there are people like you that love and support our soldiers with their whole being. Best wishes, prayers, and our love. Alan & Shirley Briley (Former sniper, grunt, para... current ER nurse..., and long distance friend.)
Thank you for all your kind words. It means so much to me. I'll make sure FbL keeps you posted.