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Since we're so full of God and Guns the last few days...

...might as well have a gun, I'm thinking. Just in case any varmints want to sneek around the demesne at night... we've got that covered. Romanian AK-clone, Czech night vision sight. I've got the battery pack, too, but haven't figured a battery source or work-around.

The Castle's Romanian semi-auto AK-clone sporting a Czech night vision sight.  Just the thing for all sorts of varmints that skulk around the demesne in the hours of darkness.

Larger version available here.


I see you cloned the clone.
No one is immune from the Great Hall Echo.
Reminds me of the Korean War vintage IR "snooperscope" & light on the M1 carbine. Cool addition to the collection, but good luck on the batteries. All I have is a PVS-2 and a PVS-4.
It is an IR scope, Pogue. About 3rd Gen for those, as in, the last of them before the image intensifiers. I expect I won't find the right batteries, but I might be able to kluge together something that will provide the right voltage to at least see if it's in working order. It wasn't portrayed, nor priced, as a working gizmo, so if I can make it work, that's gravy.
When is the Ry monster coming out to check these little engineering marvels out? Next Saturday? I'm trying to keep time blocked out for the event.
Gollum is coming out to do hard labor as a penance for dropping the F-bomb in my comments! *IF* he does well, he will be gifted a tour of the Armory.
Gollum is coming out to do hard labor
And, to think, I get to see that for free! Sans the cost of gas.
Actually, Gollum has a reputation for doing very well at hard labor, and even volunteers to perform it. Ask AFSis!
OOOHHH! I LIKE IT! Here are some others....