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Thing, Thing a Thong

Thanks *loads* for that particular ear worm, Capt JMH.


From the responses in yesterday's comments block, I may have an untapped fiduciary resource I have not previously considered (although I *have* appeared in some -- thankfully -- short-lived ARNG recruiting commercials). BTW, Pat, if your offer still holds, I figure you owe somebody a scad of cash for all the be-thonged appearances I *haven't* made to date.

Call it an ounce of prevention. Or extortion.

Eh -- puh-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Meanwhile, back in WhatzissStan, here's another clue for you:

Nope, still not a toilet, kat

Oh, man, if that's not a dead giveaway...


Don't make me hunt down the pic of a guy in thong,gas mask and M4, and burn everyone's retinas. Pat
...thong, gas mask and M4... Huh -- and here I figgered you for a SAW kinda guy...
Since I still don't have a clue what that dataplate is stuck on - I think I'll just retaliate with this little illustration.
... don't worry if it's not good enough... for anyone else to FREAKIN SEE BECAUSE IT'S SO DAMN OBSCURE EVEN A DEAD GIVEAWAY DOESN'T HELP... just thing... thing a thong...... BAH. HUMBUG
Thanks, John. There went lunch. LOL
The Object in Question was manufactured by Russki Enterprises a wholly owned subsidiary of Stalin Incrumbrenated. This 450th petrol tank, engineered to precision Soviet standards was found by the Soviet military to be the first which didn't leak. Realising something terrible was afoot, it was decided to convert it into an ammo holder in case the подполко́вник inspected it and suspected Capitalist pigdog manufacture. After invading Afghanistan to conquer the valuable pet rocks of the region the Red Army decided to beat a hasty tactical withdrawal when 4 dusty men with Soviet made AK47s defeated three quarters of the Soviet tank arsenal. Apparently no resistance was offered until an errant tank (well let's say vodka driven) accidentally ran over a tea house. In a case of rare military equipment misplacement, The ammo container was left behind. Then of course the Americans came just to prove they could do better, and because the untapped pet rock resources of the region were still up for grabs. Finding this sterling piece of Soviet manufacture it was decided private UselessLazyWorthlessScum must be ordered to paint it because the wholly undesirable Soviet poo brown must be converted to the glorious gloomy grey standard. Said private either rolled the tank in the dust or sneezed the paint on it enough to hide the brown and thus earn him the accolade of having actually done some work. Of course in another extremely unusual case of military misplacement the cap was lost. Mission accomplished, the container was donated to the Afghani military. Today this Soviet manufactured petrol tank is serving the Afghani military being a store of ammo having only moderate chance of blowing up in your face when used. It was attached to a scooter in a high powered initiative of the logistics Department. This is a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine.