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Sackcloth and Ashes - an open Denizens post.

Yanno what we did?

We missed Princess Crabby's natal day.

I offer up this in atonement. -the Armorer



Happy Birthday again. Have another great day :)
Happy Belated B-Day, Boston Mag. May you be able to measure your successes on this new year THUSLY missed mine, too. How are you all situated for a get together at the steak house. I'm flush right now and am looking forward to seeing you all again.
Technically you made it in under the wire. In my world (which is actually a completely separate place from the world most people know and inhabit), it's "birthday week" and it just ended a few hours ago with my family party at my parent's house. My birthday is celebrated like that of the dictator of a small island nation. Kat, sorry about missing your birthday...when is it? Although not everyone gets that "It's all about Maggie!" My sister Jen complained about my giant duffle bag with no wheels while we were in Vegas. So my sister Grace bought me a new suitcase with wheels and a handle. Hello???? Jen didn't like the bag. Jen though it should have been replaced. Why is Jen getting what she wants on my birthday? Thanks for the present John.....Sailors are my favorite flavor. Boq - I was a little nervous while your pic took a few minutes and read "How big".
Maggie, I, too, offer my most earnest and sincere apoligies for not noticing in time. In recompense, may I offer this gift, which looks like it was painted by someone who knows you. Are you the gal in the middle, in the chartreuse-colored dress?
Since it is an open post I’ll ask you guys what you think of this experimental folding automatic pistol call the FMG9(Sp?). It appears to be a Glock with some sort of folding stock and folding magazine. Can it really take the stress factors of, say, a micro Uzi? See: clip of how it folds
Happy birthday woman! Were you closer, I'd buy you a mojito ;~) Gimme a few months and I'll getcha taken care of!
Ledger - we discussed that gizmo in the comments of this post.
Me thinks that the puppy is non-plused about either the dress or the sailors, JTG
Although, I usually read all of your posts… and I do remember the miniature revolver… and I read the comments, I must have skipped over the folding machine pistol. There are not enough hours in the day for family, business, and blogs. Oh well, I should have known John would have covered it (and the gun doesn’t look too reliable). And, happy B-day to Boston Mag.
Ledger - amen your last. And it's okay to ask - you got the link, right?
About time you got around to that part, Ledger!