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Hey - all you guys within a easy reach of Walter Reed...

...if you aren't too busy on Friday, I've got a suggestion.

Attend a BNCOC Graduation. That would be the Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course.

These guys and gals:


The first one conducted at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Made up of recovering wounded leaders.

The graduation ceremony will be this Friday at 0800 (8AM for you miltime-challenged folks).

We're trying to get a good crowd there - and having a military ID is not required... we want a *crowd*. It's not a big deal... yet it *is* a big deal. Do what you can, eh?

Y'see, in the normal run of things, BNCOC is conducted at your home installation, and your unit and buddies and family would show up for graduation. This is these young leader's first formal training, and marks their educational debut as Non-commissioned Officers. This class is away from all the usual people who would mark this rite of passage - so, a nice crowd of well-wishers would be a Good Thing, and make it special, as it should be.

So, do what ya can, eh? Please?

Backgrounder here, at the 3-116th Sniper blog.


And once again I regret living in the wrong part of the country. I would love to be able to attend a graduation, and take part in the Friday night support efforts, etc. *sigh*
I wish I could do that. What a wonderful accomplishment for anyone, and especially gratifying to see the wounded keeping their minds busy during recovery. People always think in terms of healing the body, when the mind needs just as much tending.